“The non-return of election expenses for invalids reached 9.2 billion won”

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Although the election was invalidated due to violation of the Election Act, it was confirmed that the national tax amount that is not returned to the national treasury amounted to 9.2 billion won.

According to the data submitted by the National Election Commission to Rep. Heo Young of the Democratic Party of Korea, there were 64 cases in which the election expenses were not returned even though the elections were invalidated due to violation of the election law over the past 10 years, and the amount amounted to 9.2 billion won.

Of these, 12 candidates for the National Assembly election were in arrears with 1.23 billion won, and 52 local election candidates with 8.04 billion won in arrears.

In particular, the National Election Commission ordered these politicians to return 9.93 billion won, but the actual amount returned was only 7%, or 660 million won.

MBC has previously tracked down politicians who did not return the election expenses in 2018 and 2022, and recently reported that eight of these candidates are running for re-run without returning the election expenses, and has continued to report calls for improvement of the election expense reimbursement system.

Rep. Heo Young said that in this year’s local elections, a candidate who did not return the election expenses was re-run as a delinquent and was elected again.

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