The number of ATMs decreased by 4.1% in 2019 in France

A cash machine. (drawing) – RAPHAEL BLOCH / SIPA

Metropolitan France saw a decrease of 4.1% in the number of ATMs (Dab) in 2019. In one year, 2,135 devices have thus disappeared, bringing the number of machines installed in the territory to 50,316, indicates
a report from the Banque de France published this Thursday. The document is nevertheless reassuring.

99% of the population “close” to a distributor

It thus evokes “a stable level of service at a high level”. The authors of the work claim as proof that “nearly 99% of the metropolitan population aged 15 and over resides either in a municipality equipped with at least one machine, or in a municipality located less than fifteen minutes by car from the nearest equipped municipality ”.

This was already the case in 2018. The report therefore explains that the withdrawn ATMs were mainly located in the most populated areas. It also highlights the existence of “more than 25,500 cash distribution points located in shops” and an annual increase of 10.1% of private points. Specialists also note “the high number of degradations of distributors recorded in 2019”.

Cash settlements decrease in favor of BC

The decrease in the number of ATMs, which amounted to an average of only 1.8% per year between 2015 and 2018, “is part of the context of the erosion of the use of cash in transactions”, analyzes the Banque de France. Between 2012 and 2019, cash payments fell 13.2% while payments by credit card jumped 67% in ten years.

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