The Oasis the images of Shakira that “were presumed deleted”

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The Oasis, the images of Shakira that “were presumed deleted” from her performance on Colombian television are valid again.

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Thursday nights in 1994 on Colombian television in «he Canal A« They were familiar with «The oasis« and not only with this serie Cenpro TV that gave us realities inspired by reality such as what happened, events like the Armero incident that occurred in Colombia. Through from the mind of the writer and librettist Juana Uribe, he imagined in fiction what the story would be like after the tragedy and the resurgence of a town like Gabo’s novels. The actors chosen for the novel were Shakira, 17 years old y Pedro Rendon in fictional history of “Don Severo Rico«. A gamonal that dominated the town and that two young lovers had a sin.

Mauro Urquijo, Pedro Mogollón, Rosmery Bohorquez y Toto Vega Qepd among other actors made the story a great Colombian drama. According to comments in the media, «Shakira would have bought the series recorded on 3/4 cassettes with the premise that it would not be broadcast again«. Even his co-star had once stated that, “the megastar possibly also had all the audiovisual material destroyed.” This recast history of «Luisa Maria Rico» (Shakira) in love with Solomon (Pedro Rendón) featured some of his songs at that time. Being the beginning of it and that will later be highlighted in TV and Novelas Magazine as “the Best Cola.” Contest where the most important actresses and models were part of the celebrities of the moment.

What it represented

Returning to Oasis y Shakirabetween 1993 and 1995 on Channel A, The lost images are on networks and with details of the production. “Pies Descalzos” their great album from 1995 was promoted by the serial boom. For the layman, continuing with “Where Are the Thieves (1998)” and “Laundry Service” (2001) and “Oral Fixation” (2005) allowed him worldwide recognition.

That’s why no one understandsIf it was true before seeing the series again it would be emotional and surely remastered«. Was in the magazine Vea que Rendón Shakira’s partner, He left his sadness at those rumors of destruction of the material. Because it is known that there are serials that are being broadcast again with nostalgia so that the new generations can relive these stories of the good television that Colombia produced in the 90s as a family. As well as «The oasis”, Cenpro TV produced «The hard» the story based on the experience of six students from «Opción Colombia». A story that we will tell you in another Minuto 30 note. So enjoy the file where Shakira, the same one from “Las Mujeres No Ya Lloran” that she billed at the beginning of it.

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The post El Oasis the images of Shakira that “were presumed deleted” appeared first on Minuto30.

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