The oil can that allows you to store two oils at the same time from Zara Home

Despite being a vegetable fat (a fat after all), the oil Olive oil provides many health benefits, and there are more and more scientific studies that prove it. However, it is not the only oil that exists, as there are many that you can try: corn, peanut, soybean, sunflower… Knowing this, did you know a product of Zara Home that allows you to store two types of oil in the same container?

If you consider yourself a lover of this liquid, which is used both for cooking and for dressing salads and other foods that require it, this special container to store two olive oils Zara Home You’ll love it. Below, we’ll take a look at all of its properties and what it has to offer. Maybe it convinces you!

Zara Home’s double oil can

Something very curious about this product is that is made of borosilicate, which is a special type of glass that is highly resistant to high temperatures and the sudden changes it may suffer. The oil cans that you are more used to or used to seeing are usually made of crystal or conventional glass, but the material of the double oil can from Zara Home has much better properties. In addition to being resistant, this material stands out for its lightness, which is why It won’t be hard for you to pick it up and use it..

The original double oil can that Zara Home sells

This material also has an excellent property for an oil can, which is that it does not retain odors or flavors, so it is the oil at no time will glassy. Also, if you want to wash it, you have it very easy, because you just have to put it in the dishwasher. It won’t break or spoil if you wash it like this. Regarding its measurements, this oil can measures 23.5 centimeters high, 2 centimeters wide and 9 centimeters deep, so you will fit enough amount of oil. Their maximum capacity is 450 milliliters. As you can introduce two types in the same container, of course, has two outputs: one for each. Finally, this innovative oil can worth only 15.99 eurosso it will not mean an economic sacrifice at all.

Zara Home complementary products for this oil can

If you want to complete this purchase, We recommend you take a look at other products that Zara Home also sells, such as an embossed glass egg cup for a price of 2.99 euros; a milk jug that is also made of borosilicate is worth 12.99 euros; or a bowl that is perfect for storing nuts and that is sold for a price of 4.99. As you can see, Zara Home sells many products that can make life in the kitchen easier. What are you waiting for to get hold of them and check it out?

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