The Olympia Hammer is an electric carbon mountain bike, full suspension and 90 Nm of torque

The Italian brand Olympia launches its new flagship on the market, an electric Enduro Mountain Bike that has everything necessary to position itself in the premium eBike segment.

Olympia, an Italian manufacturer, has a century-old history in the production of bicycles. Since its foundation in 1893has created frames across the continent and today is known not only for its wide selection of classic bikes, but also for its innovation in the electric market.

Among the new models from the brand is the Hammer bicycle, an impressive machine designed specifically for the enduro mountain long haul.

From the first glance, the geometry of the bike indicates that it is an all-terrain bike, since its components and technology are perfectly adapted to this style of riding. demanding cycling.

The Hammer has a carbon fiber frame, specifically a T800 specification monocoque. This light and stiff construction allows the bike to withstand rough descents and high jumps.

The Olympia Hammer has a carbon fiber monocoque frame.

Technical characteristics

To complement the carbon monocoque, the bike features a high-quality full suspension system. With 170mm of suspension travel on both axles, the bike features a horquilla RockShox Zeb Ultimate GLB at the front wheel and a RockShox Super Deluxe Ultimate Trunnion rear shock at the rear.

But the highlight of the Olympia Hammer is its new central motor from Oli, the specialist in electric bike systems from Italy.

Oli’s powertrain is lightweight, compact and powerful, delivering 90Nm of torque and paired with a 900Wh PowerNine battery. The latter is located low on the bike’s down tube, providing a low center of gravity for stability in all kinds of situations.

No less important is the transmission, which allows the cyclist to pedal without problems together with the high output torque of Oli’s motor: specifically, we are talking about a group Sram GX Eagle.

Price and availability

The Olympia Hammer is offered in a Mullet-like configurationwhich means the front wheel is 29 inches and the rear is 27.5 inches in diameter.

RockShox takes care of the damping of the Olympia Hammer.

Although an official price has not been published in the Olympic websitethe bike is on sale through other bike retailers in Italy for around 7300 euros.

A very high price that, however, is fully justified by the quality of the bike and its components. And it is that, not in vain, the Olympia Hammer is designed to be a high-end bicycle with maximum performance.

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