The Outrageous First Date Bill Debacle: The Chinese Lawsuit You Need to Know About

2023-06-11 08:38:54

A Chinese family filed a lawsuit against a young man who met their daughter for the purpose of engagement, because he evaded paying the bill for the first acquaintance he had with the family.

The young man planned to meet the girl and her family in a restaurant, but he was shocked after his arrival by the presence of 23 of her relatives at the table.

With the end of eating, the bill shocked the young man, amounting to 2,230 pounds sterling (20,000 yuan), after which he decided to leave the restaurant immediately.

The girl paid the bill, but asked him to pay half, but he agreed to pay about 445 pounds sterling (4000 yuan).

Angered by the young man’s behavior, the family decided to take him to court in a bid to get him to pay more.

But the court ruled in his favour, noting that he should only cover the cost of his own meal and the girl’s meal, which was about £156 (1,400 yuan).

The whole story sparked a debate in China about the limits of social etiquette during dates, with most people showing up to the young man’s side.

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