The painful fate of the journalist Basma Wahba at the hands of an American doctor… What happened to her saddened the hearts of all Egyptians!! (Details of what happened)

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The media, Basma Wahba, revealed the details of her recent health condition that she was subjected to in the past few days, after she was absent from the screen for about a month and a half, as she was presenting a 90-minute program on Al-Mehwar channel, and then published a video on Instagram in which she told her fans that she had undergone surgery.

Basma Wahba spoke about her exposure to a serious medical error at the hands of a doctor in the United States of America when she was undergoing stomach surgery four years ago, and during these years she did not discover what the American doctor did until these days after the pain increased for her and decided to travel to London for some tests.

In London, her doctor there, who was following up with her in the past, discovered that a large part of the stomach was removed and only a small part remained, and immediately Wahba tried to communicate with the American doctor who was evading meeting her on the grounds of precautionary measures for the Corona virus, but she lost these days. No means of communicating with him and he does not respond to any messages.

I will sue the wrong doctor, and in a sad tone, Wahba said that she intends of course to sue this doctor through her husband, the great lawyer and parliamentarian Alaa Abed, but will the legal procedures compensate her? Will her stomach return to normal again? Of course not.

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