The peak of heat is followed by cooling

2023-06-22 10:09:00

The first heat wave of this summer is reaching its peak. Almost 30 degrees were measured in Freistadt in the morning. And it’s getting even hotter: According to the Geosphere Austria forecast, 36 degrees are even possible during the day. The risk of severe weather has not been averted: cumulus clouds that form in the afternoon can result in individual downpours or thunderstorms.

Upper Austria was largely spared the day before. Carinthia and Styria were particularly affected, where a violent hailstorm caused severe damage. “We observe what is happening every two hours, it is difficult to make a clear forecast here due to the unstable air layers,” said Geosphere meteorologist Christian Resch in the OÖN interview.

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Upper Austria

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Pleasant temperatures at the weekend

Am Freitag should the weather calm down. “A cold front is running through our country,” says Resch. “Cold” in this context means tumbling temperatures. 30 degrees and more are history at least at the weekend. Instead, the maximum values ​​range between 21 and 26 degrees. The “cold front” also brings wind, clouds and individual showers to Upper Austria. “Away from the mountains, it stays dry longer,” according to the Geosphere forecast.

Am Saturday clouds dominate, especially around noon and in the early afternoon. The good news: It will remain rain-free – and pleasant. Temperatures will reach 21 to 27 degrees on Saturday. It runs similarly Sunday. First it is cloudy before the sun takes over.

Disturbance can bring rain

A weak disturbance reached on Montag from west Austria. In the run-up it is once again hot and muggy. In the afternoon, frequent thunderstorms must be expected from the mountains. However, the focus of precipitation is around the main Alpine ridge. Despite the freshening westerly wind, it can get back to 29 degrees in Upper Austria during the course of Monday.

10-day forecast for your region and current measured values: You can keep an eye on the situation at

Picture gallery: Storm devastated parts of Carinthia and Styria

In Carinthia, a transporter was buried by a mudslide. (Photo: MARKUS ANGERER (APA)) Photo 1/13 View gallery


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