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The nature of life in the universe has a common knowledge of “truth”. No matter how the time and space alternate, life in the universe is separated and meets, and there is a common part – the pure and pure goodness of the essence of life. (shutterstock)

There are many kinds of encounters in life. Traveling through the picture scroll and communicating with friends through literature is not an enjoyment in another realm. 2019Shen Yun works“Viewing the Entry of Paintings” is a long-lasting aftertaste. The exchange of thoughts in the space, the magical meeting spread out in reality, deduces a wonderful story of artistic conception after a short encounter between talented people.

“The young man is full of ambition and advocating the pillars of his life. Why did he come to his hometown in this life?” In the painting, after the beauty finished the last sentence of the poem with the brush, the talented people came out of the painting vividly.

The beautiful young man with a folding fan in his hand is pure-hearted and knowledgeable, full of ambition in poetry, calligraphy and literary talent, and latently contains the humility of returning to his hometown after Feng Yuncai learned. Of course, the beauty of the painting, the finishing touch of the complete poem, let the young man realize the true meaning of life.

In the transition between poetry and the environment, young students are full of talents and high-mindedness, and the true meaning of life is not beyond the poetic environment? The teenager understood the meaning of the beautiful woman’s verse, and the hearts of the two met. In the short time of resonance, they were similar in spirit and form, and their thoughts were connected.

However, the alternation of time and space is always fleeting, the bell rang, the young man Xu stood up to respond to the painting, and lost the fan in his hand in a hurry… The dream-like beauty retracted her mind and found that the painting was full and flawless, and the person in the painting was stable and motionless. . The beauty picks up the lost fan, and it is clear that time and space are intertwined, and things are right and wrong.

The beauty of the charm is extraordinary. In traditional culture, the etiquette of poetry and books of the ancients is full of connotation and connotation. The etiquette of getting along with men and women is that they are elegant and meaningful, and they will never tire of watching. The expression of its artistic conception can only travel forward in the sublimated heart. The Pen of God – Communicating with Time and Space: The Human World and the Painting Realm. Different realms, the intersection is the wonderful realm of each other’s highest heights. Each understands the true meaning but does not lose regret.

The nature of life in the universe has a common knowledge of “truth”. Therefore, no matter how the time and space are alternated, the life in the universe is separated and meets, and there is a common part—the innocence and pure goodness of the essence of life.

Time and space are magical and have limits. Different beings live in different time and space, and are restricted by other space fields. Beauty leaves poems, genius leaves fans. Although it is still a kind of separation in the end, but staying “good” does not lose another meaning of the program. Experience another kind of wisdom of “goodness”.

The expressive program expands the audience’s mind, comprehends the profound meaning, and enlightens the audience at the same time, the merciful wisdom and omnipotent grace of the Creator God. What a thank you!

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