The player who hit Tuca on the head and was fired from ChivasHalftime

There is no more temperamental coach in Mexican soccer than Ricardo Ferrettithe man who has never been fired in Liga MX and who is now Head of Cruz Azul. In his long career he had the opportunity to be Chivas technical director in the 90swhere a player crossed the line and hit Tuca under the pretext of a party.

The player who hit Tuca and left Chivas

The footballer who dared to put his hands on Tuca Ferretti was a member of Guadalajara Club who was champion in 1997. We refer to Guillermo “Campeoncito” Hernandeza defense that by not accepting his status as a substitute, literally took matters into his own hands.

In an excerpt from the interview that will be released this Tuesday night, given to journalist David Medrano, the former player from Rebaño revealed that his aggressive attitude towards Ricardo Ferretti cost him to stay outall because evidence was left on video.

“There was great communion in the group and They were going to celebrate the goals with Tuca on the bench. At those festivities, I pissed off on the bench because I didn’t play, I jumped and he gave tuca smacks. One or two days passed, until Tuca, very intelligent, decided to schedule an activity in which we were going to see a different video. It turns out that this video was of us on the bench watching how we celebrated the goals and you can just see my hand giving it the blow“.

Why didn’t Campeoncito Hernández play for Chivas?

The origin of the ex-soccer player’s annoyance was his substitution, although in the past tense accepts that he was wrong for being egotistical since ahead of him were two national teams like Joel “Tiburón” Sánchez and Claudio Suárez, who would be part of the Tri in the 1998 World Cup a year later.

Tuca discovers Tibu in the plant and he no longer let me play. I had played, the ego entered and said that I should be playing, I didn’t deserve it at that moment but as a player you are worth mothers. Those Chivas were flying in ’97 when we were champions, but I was arrogant, even though Claudio and Tibu were flying at the center.”

El Tuca in Chivas: Titles

In the four years that he led Club Deportivo Guadalajara between 1996 and 2000, Ricardo Ferretti won the Summer 97 title after imposing himself with scandalous rout of 6-1 in the Vuelta match at the Jalisco Stadium against Good Taurus.

Of those Chivas, the mentioned ones stood out Claudio Suarez and Joel Sanchezin addition to Gustavo Nápoles, Alberto Coyote, Paulo Cesar “Tilon” Chavez and Ramon Ramirez. In Neza’s team, Miguel Herrera, Antonio Mohamed, Germán Arangio, Pablo Larios and Rodrigo “Pony” Ruiz shone.

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