The PP will resort to compliance outside the regulations during the Senate constitutive session

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He will do it before the back table

After the XIV Legislature was constituted, the autonomous senator Javier Maroto appeared that his training will denounce the other expressions outside the Regulation which were used in the session as well as in the one of last May 21. "I appear for an issue that is not minor, although if more and more usual that has to do with the request that I asked the president to enforce the regulation," he said in relation to the circus of compliance in the Senate ranging from the request for the freedom of imprisoned politicians for a Basque republic.

"There are senators and senators who have not complied with the constitution, according to our regulations," he insisted and then qualify them as a tease. That is why they announced that they will resort to the attack of some senators and deputies during today's session. In a decision protected by the general management of the PP, he said. They will do it before the table and later the legal services of the training will present an appealas announced


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