The price of a liter of gasoline will jump from Wednesday, says an expert

An energy market expert predicts that the price of a liter of gasoline could reach the plateau of two dollars within a few weeks.

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«[Le prix] should be between $1.90 and $2 by the end of spring, a little before the holidays on June 24,” said Dan Mcteague, president of Affordable Energy for Canadians.

According to this expert, the weakness of the Canadian dollar will not be the only reason that will influence the rise in gas prices.

“We will change the type of gasoline soon. We are going to switch from winter oil to summer oil. This change will cost us between 10 and 15 cents in two weeks,” he said.

In a few days, we could see a first jump of 4 cents due to a commitment made by some OPEC member countries to reduce their total production of barrels of oil by 5%.

«[Le prix du litre d’essence est à] 1.629 and will climb to 1.67. I expect there to be another increase that will push prices up in the second week of April,” he said.

Watch the full interview in the video above.

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