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Original title: The price of the hot-selling product of the new crown antigen detection kit may still have room to drop

Our reporter Li Wanchenxi

Trainee reporter Xu Linyan

With the optimization and adjustment of epidemic prevention policies, antigens have become an important means of detection, and the demand side of antigen detection kits is showing a growth trend, and its production and sales have attracted market attention. On December 5, a reporter from “Securities Daily” searched through the online sales channels of major antigen kits and found that some products of certain specifications were out of stock.

It is understood that as of now, the State Drug Administration has approved 36 new coronavirus antigen detection reagent products, including colloidal gold, latex and immune chromatography. Investors pay close attention to the business progress of relevant listed companies. On December 5, the number of questions related to the new crown antigen detection kit surged on the investor interaction platform.

  Listed companies respond positively to concerns

Regarding the issues related to antigen detection reagents that investors are highly concerned about, many listed companies in the industry have responded to relevant progress.

  Ogilvy MedicalResponse stated that the company has existing andMingde BiologyCooperative dual-brand antigen detection product “Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Antigen Detection Kit (Colloidal Gold Method)”. Products are only sold offline to specific channels. At present, the revenue of antigen detection products accounts for a small proportion of the company’s overall revenue, and will not have a major impact on the company’s performance.

“The new crown antigen detection kit developed by the company has obtained the “Medical Device Registration Certificate” issued by the State Drug Administration in the first half of this year. The company’s new crown antigen detection reagent production capacity is 8 million copies per day.” Wang Rui, Secretary of the Board of Directors of Mingde Bio In an interview with the “Securities Daily” reporter said.

  Kyushu streetYang Liang, deputy general manager of the Medical Device Group, said in an interview with a reporter from the “Securities Daily” that from January 1, 2022 to early December 2022, the sales revenue of Jointown’s antigen detection products including tax was 1.19 billion yuan. German biology,Wantai BioLepu Diagnostics,thermal landscapeand other manufacturers have established strategic partnerships to sell antigen detection products through all channels to help epidemic prevention.

“The government encourages residents to carry out ‘self-examination’ at home, which has played a role in promoting the development of nucleic acid antigen product chain enterprises to a certain extent.”ZhongguancunYuan Shuai, executive director of the Institute of Internet of Things Digital Rural Revitalization, told reporters.

Many listed companies are actively deploying in this field, but they also need to pay attention to industry risks. Fu Jian, director of Henan Zejin Law Firm, told the “Securities Daily” reporter that although the antigen test can be self-tested at home, which is convenient and fast, the accuracy of the test method is also a problem that needs to be considered, which should attract the attention of relevant companies. In addition, if a mutant strain with high transmissibility appears in the later period, the performance of the antigen detection reagent may be reduced, so the relevant manufacturers need to bear the risk of rapidly updating the new crown antigen detection kit.

  Product prices may continue to drop

At present, the demand for antigen detection products has risen sharply. The relevant person in charge of JD Health said that from November 28 to December 4, the turnover of JD Health’s antigen detection kits increased by 344% from the previous week.

In the case of a sharp increase in demand, the price of antigen detection kits has attracted much attention. The reporter inquired about major websites and platforms and found that the current price of the new crown antigen detection reagent products is basically between 4 yuan/person and 5 yuan/person. The more you buy, the lower the average price. For example, the Aikang new crown antigen detection kit on the Jingdong platform is estimated to be priced at 8 yuan for 1 person, 95.2 yuan for 20 people, and 449.6 yuan for 100 people.

In addition, the reporter foundJiu’an MedicalAn antigen detection kit was also launched on the Jingdong platform, with a price tag of 24.90 yuan per box (one box for 5 people). In 2021, Jiu’an Medical will obtain the authorization of the US FDAEUA with its subsidiary’s new crown antigen home self-test OTC kit. The net profit attributable to the parent reached 16.05 billion yuan.

“There is still room for a reduction in the price of antigen detection kits.” You Xiaogang, a senior investment consultant at Jufeng Investment Consulting, told the “Securities Daily” reporter that the adjustment of epidemic prevention policies will increase the market’s demand for new crown antigen detection reagents. It is expected that the price of new crown antigen products will show a slow downward trend for a period of time.

Deng Zhidong, general manager of Hainan Boao Medical Technology Co., Ltd., said in an interview with a reporter from the “Securities Daily” that with the implementation of the new crown antigen detection related policies and the growth of demand, many places in China have begun to collect them, and the new crown antigen detection reagents and The corresponding testing items are temporarily included in the medical insurance. These actions have greatly reduced the price of my country’s new crown antigen detection reagents.

Li Jianjie, a senior investment consultant at Jufeng Investment Consulting, believes, “At present, more than 30 new crown antigen detection products have been approved in China. There are many manufacturers’ products, relatively sufficient competition, and little difference in technical level. A ‘price war’ is inevitable.”

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