The primary worry of French speakers as indicated by the Grand Barometer is increasing prices.

The primary concerns of Belgian citizens, including the cost of healthcare, the quality of education, and affordable housing, have been revealed by the latest Ipsos-Le Soir-RTL-VTM Het Laatste Nieuws survey. Although not yet officially begun, political parties have already begun to anticipate the main themes of the next federal, regional, and European elections. According to the survey, the increase in the cost of living is the top concern of the French-speaking population, particularly of those who intend to vote for the PTB or the PS. To view the full article, readers must be subscribed to the publication.

The cost of health care, the quality of education and finding affordable housing complete the ranking.

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Da year from now, we will be a few weeks away from the federal, regional and European elections. The campaign has not yet officially started, but if the political parties are trying to guess the main themes on which to “surf” to respond to the concerns of Belgians, our Grand barometer Ipsos-Le Soir-RTL-VTM-Het Laatste Nieuws gives some clues .

The increase in the cost of living is thus, and by far, the primary concern of Francophones. A particularly important concern for respondents who think they are voting for the PTB or the PS.

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In conclusion, the Ipsos-Le Soir-RTL-VTM-Het Laatste Nieuws Grand Barometer has shed light on the main concerns of Belgians ahead of the upcoming elections. The increase in the cost of living has emerged as the primary concern of Francophones, with housing affordability, healthcare, and education quality following closely behind. As the campaign heats up, political parties will have to address these concerns to gain the trust and support of the Belgian electorate.

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