The Real Truth about the Efficacy of Black Fungus and Black Sesame: Debunking the Myths

2023-07-23 13:11:25

The unsolved mystery of the efficacy of black fungus and black sesame:
This is the question that netizens want to know.
The following is the induction of the unsolved mystery of the efficacy of black fungus and black sesame,
for reference only.
The efficacy of black fungus and black sesame,
It was also asked by netizens.
Black fungus is rich in dietary fiber, vitamin B2, calcium,
Iron, anthocyanins, anticoagulant components,
Can maintain cardiovascular health, stabilize blood sugar, prevent blood clots,
It can also promote gastrointestinal motility and improve constipation.
Feeling full can help with weight loss.
As for black sesame,
Can strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis,
In addition, it also has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.
It also protects cartilage and joints,
Cardiovascular protection can maintain cardiovascular health;
Lower cholesterol, prevent arteriosclerosis.
Do black sesame and black fungus really have these effects?
I’ll come to sense it.
Induction result:
The result of the induction is that the effects that the scientists said are all gone,
But they are not harmful to the human body either,
Just treat them as a delicious food,
Don’t overthink it.
But the most important thing for netizens is to ask if they are effective for hair growth?
As I said at the beginning,
They are neither particularly beneficial nor harmful to the human body.
So of course there is no hair growth effect.
After seeing the effects of so many foods,
I think the netizen is right.
The efficacy touted by experts, scholars and doctors,
Just listen to it, don’t believe it too much,
After spending a lot of money and eating a lot, it was found to be invalid.
Because those experts, scholars and doctors,
Most of them follow what others say, and they don’t know it themselves.
Or do they have clairvoyant eyes,
It can be seen that after the human body eats those things,
Will there be pros and cons? no,
It’s just a guess, anyway, it doesn’t cost money to talk about it.

The Unsolved Mystery of the Efficacy of Black Fungus and Black Sesame

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