“The reason for the breakup was an abortion and living together in high school”…everyone shed tears at the silence that was broken for Dawn and HyunA

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Singer Dawn warned of legal action against fake news about herself and her ex-girlfriend Hyuna, saying, “It’s dirty and pitiful.”

Dunn said on his Instagram on the afternoon of December 1, 2022, “Hello, I’m Dawn. I won’t talk long. He is precious, more sincere and cool than any other person I’ve ever seen, and the artist I will continue to love the most.”

He added, “Please don’t live like this and spend your precious time in a good place.”

Previously, on YouTube, a fake synthetic text made to look like it was written by Dunn was posted with the title ‘Shock of reason for Hyuna’s breakup with Dunn’.

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In the synthesized text, “I lied and hid all of my past, I had a secret meeting with another man while dating and hid the existence of my child.” I like it’ and so on.

Meanwhile, Hyuna wrote on her Instagram account, “We broke up. She decided to remain her good friend and colleague in the future,” she wrote, “Thank you for always cheering me on and looking pretty.” Afterwards, Dunn indirectly acknowledged the fact that they broke up by clicking the ‘Like’ button on the post.

Many netizens were shocked to see their breakup. This is because the two people, who have been a hot topic since the beginning of their public devotion, have shown their affection for each other through broadcasting and social media, and were also engulfed in marriage rumors earlier this year.

Meeting of ‘Top Singer’ and ‘Trainee’

Hyuna and Dawn’s relationship was honest from start to finish.

Hyuna and Dawn (acting name E’Dawn at the time) started dating in 2016 and started dating publicly in 2018. At the time of their relationship, Hyuna was a ‘top female singer’ and Dawn was a ‘trainee’. The reason why the two didn’t seem to get along started when Dawn participated as a guest rapper in Hyuna’s ‘Because I’m Good’ and practiced and scheduled together.

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Dunn said in an entertainment show, “At that time, I didn’t ask for Hyuna’s phone number and kept a distance of more than 10m.”

Hyuna was the one who felt the crush first. Hyuna confessed to Dawn twice. At the time of her second confession, Hyuna was considerate of Dawn ahead of her debut with the Pentagon and said, “I will wait for you.” However, upon hearing that, Dawn straight up confessed, “Can we not meet now?”, and the two started dating.

A public affair that had a considerable aftermath

The process for the two to become a public couple was not smooth. When the dating rumors broke out in 2018, the agency Cube Entertainment strongly denied the dating rumors between the two.

However, the next day, Hyuna overturned the agency’s official position by revealing through a media outlet, “We’ve been dating since May 2016.” This was HyunA’s independent decision without any discussion with her agency.

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After acknowledging their relationship, the two faced a significant aftermath. Pentagon fans demanded that Dawn’s activities be suspended, saying that he “deceived the fans.” In the end, Dawn was absent from the Pentagon fan meeting, Japanese schedule, and comeback activities. Hyuna also had her event schedule canceled one after another.

Cube Entertainment announced the exit of Hyuna and E’Dawn in September 2018, but reversed it. Hyuna and Dawn, who had been in conflict for a while after that, agreed to terminate their exclusive contracts with Cube Entertainment in November of that year and left the agency side by side.

Love at P Nation ♥ work done

After leaving the agency at the time, they signed a contract with P Nation, headed by Psy, in 2019, and released the unit album ‘1+1=1’ in September 2021, making an unprecedented move as an idol couple.


He appeared on various entertainment shows and honestly revealed his love story. The two appeared side by side on MBC’s ‘Radio Star’ and JTBC’s ‘Knowing Bros’ and received a warm response by revealing the process of becoming lovers from seniors and juniors without adding or subtracting.

In 2022, it was swept away by a marriage rumor. The fact that Hyuna received her bouquet at the wedding of a close stylist became known, and the possibility of marriage was strengthened.

Also, in February 2022, Dawn publicly proposed to Hyuna, drawing attention. At the time, Dunn posted a picture of her ring for Hyuna on her Instagram, and she proposed, “MARRY ME (marry me),” and Hyuna said, “Of course yes.”

In MBC FM4U’s ‘Song of Hope at Noon, Kim Shin-Young,’ where she appeared with Dunn, Hyuna also mentioned, “My mother loves Dunn” and “I talk to my father for a long time.” In addition, speculation continued that the two of them would make a wedding announcement soon as they took a photo with a unique all-white dress and suit, giving them a feeling of a wedding pictorial.

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Afterwards, marriage rumors surfaced, but the two decided to go their separate ways after six years of dating.

Hyuna and Dawn are currently without agencies after breaking up with P Nation in August 2022. Fans continue to support the declaration of the two people who were honest from their devotion to their breakup.

Hyuna and Dawn’s past breakup remarks… “I never thought it would be real”

Previously, Dawn appeared on MBC’s ‘Radio Star’ in 2019 and said, “I’ve thought about the post-breakup with Hyuna.” It’s a natural thing, and it’s because I think it’s a memory.”


Even after appearing on the web entertainment ‘Turkeyjez on the Block’ in 2021, Dawn responded to the question, “Is the promise not to delete SNS photos when we broke up still valid?” It’s the same. Just dig another account,” he joked.

Even so, Dawn expressed his affection for Hyuna, saying, “If I break up with Hyuna, I will not fall in love.”

As of December 1st, the ring photo with Dunn has been deleted from Hyuna’s Instagram. In addition to the photo of the ring, Hyuna has erased many of her lovestagrams with Dunn. On the other hand, Dawn’s social media drew attention as traces of him with HyunA, including the proposal video, remained intact.

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Also, Hyuna and Dawn each have two couple tattoos on their bodies. The first tattoo was engraved in July 2021. Dawn wrote ‘LI’ on her right hand, and Hyuna wrote ‘FE♥’ on her left hand. When put together, the word ‘LIFE♥’ is completed.

The two showed off their unchanging affection with couple tattoos in March 2022. Dunn has the number ’25’ engraved on his arm, and Hyuna has the number ’23’ engraved on his arm. This number is presumed to refer to the age of the other person when Hyuna, born in 1992, and Dawn, born in 1994, first started dating.

As the news of their breakup spread, attention was focused on the couple’s tattoo. Netizens are showing various reactions such as “Should I cover it up”, “I put it in a place where I can see it too much”, and “I will definitely erase this”.

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Meanwhile, Hyuna was born in 1992 and is 31 years old this year. She debuted as a member of the group Wonder Girls in 2007, but left the team and re-debuted as a member of 4Minute. Hyuna, who was active as a member of Korea’s top girl group, was loved as a solo singer with a number of hit songs such as ‘Bubble Pop’, ‘Red’, and ‘Am Not Cool’.

Dawn, who was born in 1994 and is 29 years old this year, debuted as a member of the group Pentagon in 2016 and was a member whose skills were recognized for writing lyrics and composing, but after starting an open relationship with Hyuna, she left the team. At the time of the Pentagon, he was active as E’Dawn, but now he changed his name to Dawn and continued his music activities as a solo singer and duet with Hyuna.

Many netizens were shocked by the news of the two’s breakup, saying, “I never thought these two would break up…”, “I feel like I’ve broken up, so I’m crying”, “I thought they were going to get married…it’s shocking” and so on.

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