The reasons that have ‘Castor’ one step away from regaining his freedom

According to its documents, the Venezuelan Supreme Court of Justice took 482 days waiting for Colombia to present the formal request for the extradition of Jorge Eliecer Díaz Collazos, alias Castor, who was captured on May 4, 2019, in a hotel in the city of Maracaibo, Venezuela, on whom an international blue notification from Interpol weighed since November 27, 2018, for having allegedly committed several crimes in Barranquilla.

Due to such delay, the Criminal Cassation Chamber, of that high court, decreed to archive the file containing the request for detention, for the purpose of extradition of the second most wanted man by the Metropolitan Police of Barranquilla for being one of the leaders of the fearsome gang ‘Los Costeños’, dedicated to the hired killers, collection of extortion and control of drug trafficking and micro-trafficking in the capital of Atlántico and its metropolitan area.

EL HERALDO first learned that, according to the presentation by Judge Elsa Janeth Gómez Moreno, Colombia “did not present” the extradition request of ‘Castor’ accompanied by the necessary judicial documentation to support it, which leaves ‘Castor’ one step away from achieving your freedom.

Such request had been notified to Colombia on June 26, 2019, through the Ministry of Popular Power for Foreign Relations, and it gave a term of 90 continuous days for the authorities to present the request.

However, on October 21, in the middle of a hearing, the rapporteur magistrate received the file where “it was verified that the formal request for the extradition of citizen Jorge Eliecer Díaz Collazos, by the Republic of Colombia, does not appear in the record. nor the judicial documentation that supports said petition, which is necessary to examine the substantive requirements that in domestic and international law apply to extradition ”.

Consequently, the magistrate “decreed the archive of the file containing the request for detention, for the purpose of extradition” of Castor.

“The Supreme Court of Justice, in the Criminal Cassation Chamber, to consider that the citizen Jorge Díaz Collazos, who is requested by the Republic of Colombia, must fully enjoy his right to freedom, simultaneously benefiting his right to freedom. human dignity, that is why this Chamber considers that the most appropriate to the Law would be to declare the unrestricted freedom of the citizen ”, declared the magistrate in her presentation.


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