The record-breaking HONOR X9 5G is now available

The competition in the smartphone industry has become much stronger in recent years. Users no longer crave just the stylish look, the combination of looks, great price and the ability to offer feature-packed smartphones is now the key factor to buy or upgrade your smart device. to a new device.

By setting new standards at all levels, from aesthetic design to hardware specifications and software innovation, HONOR recently launched HONOR X9 5G which is its latest ultra-powerful smartphone with multiple features and the latest member of the series HONOR X Reliable. The all-new phone packs a host of innovative groundbreaking features, delivers an exceptional experience and unparalleled quality, all at an amazing price Within everyone’s budget.

In the era of the fifth generation network, and with the spread of applications of various kinds, such as gaming applications, videos and social media, that consume huge amounts of energy, the emergence of requirements New mobile phone with strong battery life and fast charging ability. Today, with just 5 minutes of fast charging, users can enjoy 3.6 hours of watching videos on youtube app5.9 hours of making calls, 2.9 hours of gaming or 3.8 hours of browsing Facebook.

supports phone HONOR X9 5G Technique Fast wired charging from HONOR The innovative 66-watt capacity, which can increase the phone’s charging consumption from 0% to 50% in just 15 minutes and charge the phone by up to 81% in just 30 minutes, which is the fastest rate achieved among other smartphones in the same category that can charge the phone by Only 54% in 30 minutes.

The phone screen is one of the main advantages of a smartphone, and with a phone HONOR X9 5G Users will get everything they look forward to, as the phone comes with an amazing 6.81-inch full screen display, which is the highest percentage achieved among smartphones in the same category when compared to other phones that come with a 6.43-inch or 6.5-inch display. Full screen display works from HONOR It measures 6.81 inches with a high resolution of 2388 * 1080 pixels and 16.7 million colors, at increased clarity, and provides a realistic viewing experience, providing users with the ideal companion for games with friends.

The all-new smartphone is designed to the same standards as the flagships with ultra-thin 1.05mm bezels, which are 40% thinner than most smartphones in the same class. Provides HONOR X9 5G The device has an exceptional screen-to-body ratio of 94% and provides an immersive entertainment experience when watching movies, playing games and browsing the web.

While other brands in the same category have designed their phones with a screen refresh rate of 60Hz or 90Hz, the HONOR X9 5G He went further. Supports the new phone from HONOR Screen refresh rate of 120Hz and 60 frames per second, which ensures users to enjoy superior gaming and app browsing experience, also provides improved performance, and smoother experience when gaming and browsing the web..

When it comes to superior performance within this price range, the HONOR X9 5G It deservedly outperforms other major brands in the same price segment. The phone is powered by a platform Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 5G for mobile phonesto provide a global experience when using the 5G network, productivity at the highest levels, and an amazing gaming experience.

Thanks to technology HONOR RAM Turbo (8 GB + 2 GB), a phone can HONOR X9 5G Open and run more applications simultaneously without compromising efficiency, ensuring an exceptionally smooth user experience no matter what task at hand. This technology is available in HONOR X9 5G The user can work simultaneously between 35 applications, compared to only 15 applications for other competitors’ phones. Technology works HONOR RAM Turbo It also extends the life of the device, making HONOR X9 5G Just as strong and smooth as it does, even after 36 months of use.

Designed HONOR X9 For lovers of elegance, it is available in two stunning colors: titanium silver and midnight black.

HONOR X9 is now available for direct sale in Saudi Arabia via Jarir, Amazon, Virgin, Noon, Al-Haddad, Eddy, x-cite, Lulu, eXtra and all commercial call centers at an affordable price starting from 1099 riyals. And theHonor Saudi Arabia announced the pre-order numbers, achieving a record number in a period not exceeding 4 days, as more than 8000 devices were ordered and the quantity was sold out before the end of the period by 3 days.

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