The report of the lawyer Hugo Rizo for the Covid-19 patient in Monte Quemado

On Thursday’s session, a man over 70 years old had symptoms and was swabbed with a positive result. The man is hospitalized and his condition is serious. Here the report.

The graduate in nursing, Hugo Curl Pattern, reported on a new case of Covid-19 in the city of Monte Quemado, it is a man over 70 years old, who is hospitalized in the hospital Zonal. His condition is serious.

“We are here to give this unpleasant information, that as of today a person of legal age over 70 years with positive Covid-19 has been detected in Monte Quemado. This person 8 days ago arrived from the capital city, where he was hospitalized for many days in a private sanatorium for a serious heart problem where he has received and has been placed a stent. He was discharged to Monte 8 days ago, he even arrived in a private ambulance from the PAMI social work.

As he is a person who suffers a lot from his health, this man practically wanders very little. Today he made a consultation because he had a pressure of 20 apart, it is with a permanent plant probe, so medical assistance was necessary at first, he was telephoned with the doctors who treat patients or possible Covid-19 patients or isolated people and that doctor indicated that this person is transferred to the zonal hospital to do the corresponding examinations and it was like that.

At that time, a family member stated that he had had symptoms yesterday with 37.37.5 fever. When the doctor makes the investigation she certifies that the man was in Santiago and the swab was necessary. When it was done, it was positive, “he said.

Then he added: “This Covid-19 patient was admitted on November 11 in the afternoon. It was to do the mandatory preventive isolation with a relative and before the questioning of the caregiver, because this man wanders just and necessary. He had no contact with other people, only with his caregiver, who is a relative. She was swabbed and tested negative. She did not contract the virus.

We performed the same swab on this woman, with the difference of this swab that the result is in 15 minutes with an effectiveness of more than 90%.

Returning to the situation of the Covid-19 patient, this man is not in good health, the doctors are interacting with each other and making external consultations with the medical staff of the CIS Banda, to see what they recommend, not because of the Covid-19 but because of his underlying illness. This man is being monitored, he requires oxygen, his pathology that he already had is of these characteristics, he is a chronic smoker, the man had a cough, a productive cough, in the change in Covid-19 it is a dry cough. He already had it, he is a patient who was admitted to intensive care and they are evaluating and seeing his evolution that he has during these 24 hours and according to what the health network of the province answers. I almost think it will have the bypass.

For more information read tomorrow in the printed edition of Nuevo Diario.


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