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The research team reports the largest map of 56,000 galaxies.

by archyde

But what astronomers still want to find the most accurate answer. That is, how old is the universe? Despite previous information revealed that The universe is probably 13,770 million years old, plus or minus 40 million years, or another question is. What size exactly? Makes a collection of tools that answer the question in terms of accuracy. Let’s help measure the distance of galaxies. and the relative expansion rate of the universe And the time since the universe was born with even a few percent accuracy.
latest research teamled byastronomerfrom the University of Hawaii in the United States. The most accurate galactic distance collection report, Cosmicflows-4. Using eight different methods, the distance to 56,000 galaxies was measured.

The researchers also believe that the Cosmic flows-4 method could be used to study how galaxies move apart. In addition to the flow moving along the overall expansion of the universe. It is the largest archive ever.

(Image credit: University of Hawaii)

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