The Rise and Fall of Luis Advíncula: A Story of Redemption in Boca Juniors

2024-04-24 20:15:46

The Boca Juniors defender told details of the time he was removed from the “bicolor” by the Argentine coach. (Horacio Zimmermann)

Luis Advíncula He is the Peruvian footballer of the momentsince it has stood out in Boca Juniors and in the last Argentine Superclásico he ratified it. The right-back provided an assist for the goal Miguel Merentiel which meant a draw, and led to victory and elimination of river plate in the quarter-finals in The league cup.

But not everything was rosy in life “Luchito”. Years ago, exactly in 2016, he had to be removed from Peruvian team. The coach at the time, Ricardo Gareca, punished him by going out to a nightclub and appearing on a show program. He didn’t call him up for more games and didn’t bring him to Copa América Centenario.

The popular ‘Jet’with great maturity, recalled the bad moment he experienced when he was left out ‘bicolor’ in a recent interview with journalist Horacio Zimmermann. First, the defender explained that he was free in sa ‘ampay’, However, he acknowledged that he could have avoided it and that he would not do it again.

“It was leave from Saturday to Sunday, I went out on Saturday, I never went out in Peru, I went out and they recorded me, I was out of the national team for eight months, I didn’t go to the Copa América, it was my lazy stage because I said ‘What happens if I go out? Nothing happens if I go out.’ I could have gone out, but if you ask me now, I wouldn’t, now I try to expose myself less or think about things completely differently,” he declared.

Moments later, the 34-year-old player said he spoke to ‘Tigers’ about and he told him there were no problems. To his surprise, she didn’t call him back. “I got to talk about it, the response was not very positive, it was with the friends of the “top” (members of Ricardo Gareca’s technical command), the “top” in quotes made me calm because He told me “calm down, I don’t see your privacy”. I said “I’m fine, I’m cool”, am I cool? I was gone for eight months, They were the worst eight months of my life“.

Luis Advíncula and Ricardo Gareca shared more than 7 years in the Peruvian team, achieving a World Cup qualification and a runner-up finish in the Copa América.

Luis Advíncula, on the other hand, revealed that he was initially angry with Ricardo Gareca’s decision to cry. “I got really upset because I said I haven’t done anything.“You always look at others and say ‘but if this one did this, this one did that and nothing happens, why is it happening to me?’ This led him to take a drastic measure: to see no commitment from ‘white red‘.

“With the answer they gave me, it made me half-hearted, it could be there. They never told me I wasn’t going to be there, I only realized that on the first call. In the second, I cried and everything. I said I’m not going to watch the national team matches and turned off the TV. “I didn’t see them,” he said.

Finally, ‘Bolt’, as you know him, reversed his decision not to follow the matches in Peru and learned a lesson from that punishment. “When I came back I said ‘no one is taking me out of here, they have to take me out of here paw first’. Because of my stupidity they are not going to take me out“Maybe the coach likes it or doesn’t like it, that’s another matter.”

Luis Advíncula is one of the players from the Ricardo Gareca era who remains in the Peruvian team and has captained Jorge Fossati’s new process – Credit: Getty Images.

With the victory against River Plate, Luis Advíncula’s Boca Juniors progressed to the semifinals of the Argentine League Cup, where they will face Students La Plata Sunday, April 28. But before said duel, the ‘xeneizes’ will visit Fortaleza in Brazil on Thursday the 25th for date 3 in Group D of the Copa Sudamericana.

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