The Rise of Hair Artists: The Evolution of Hairdressing Market, Salon Techniques, and Influencer Culture

2023-12-24 04:02:00

Stop calling them hairdressers. In the restructuring of the hairdressing market, a new generation of hair artists is taking center stage. They are called “hair stylists” or “hair artists”. Thomas Tuccinardi, Océane Avakian, Hair Studio by Anissa are hair virtuosos and social media stars. On an American model, apart from the franchises where some have trained (and which do not exist across the Atlantic), they have opened their salons in Paris, Lyon, Annecy, and are followed by thousands of people. Since Covid, this market has evolved a lot: while franchises are still in the majority and small independent salons are suffering with their local clientele, this flourishing offer was born from an aspiration for more freedom, creativity, measure.

The evolution of revolving credit: New market trends

The identical shampoo-cut-blow-dry formula for all hair types is no longer popular. Each hair artist has their signature. Clients with textured hair (curly, frizzy, wavy) come from Île-de-France, Brussels, Geneva or the south of France to be styled by Anissa, a smiling 32-year-old young woman at the head of her Hair Studio rue Saint-Honoré in Paris. The employees embody the diversity of the offer: a young girl sports magnificent afro hair; her colleague at the baccalaureate, long soft curls; an apprentice, beautiful curls pulled up into a bun. “Customers must be able to identify themselves,” explains the manager. We work on a singularity: the right cut, the right care for the right person. For a long time salons were afraid of failures on this hair because they did not know how to style it. After years as an apprentice, I rented a seat in an institute [lire ICI] to develop my clientele before opening this salon. I always start with an individual diagnosis of the client: face shape, skin tone, what products she uses. This personalization has a cost, but students save money and, as the cut ages well, they come twice a year. »

Hair coaches

In her salon in the 6th arrondissement of Lyon, Océane Avakian, hairdresser and colorist, has developed the same requirement: “More than a hairdresser, clients are looking for a hair coach,” deciphers the one who thinks that the very nature of the profession has changed: “From necessity, hairdressing has become a pleasure, a good time to enjoy. » Surrounded by five other hairdressers of both sexes, she only takes four clients per day, spending four hours on average on a balayage, two hours on a treatment, her two specialties. Who can afford these high-end formulas? Those who have the means and others, to whom it offers formulas four times free of charge.

High prices are not a deterrent for customers. They prefer to pay more in exchange for work that respects their hair type, while benefiting from sound practical advice for everyday life.

The price of crafts

Also from Lyon, Thomas Tuccinardi (30 years old) trained at the age of 15 and a half at school then in franchises before flying to the United States, where the first hair stylists became famous. There, no large groups like in France but thriving independent salons offering targeted formulas. It is with this model in mind that Thomas opened his 150 square meter Hair Studio, an upstairs apartment all in muted beiges. An expert colorist, he is known for his balayage and hair transformations. With him, less but better has a price: from 200 to 580 euros per color. “You no longer have to be in Paris to have your hair done,” he claims. My goal is not to open fifteen salons but to remain exclusive, with more advanced craftsmanship. Everyone is pulled up. We take care of the training of our teams. »

Hair influencers

Image professionals, hair stylists have put social networks at the heart of their business. It must be said that, according to TikTok spokespersons, searches for hair keywords are booming and hairstyle is becoming a form of “artistic expression, activism”, “a multifaceted performance”. Customers explore the network and its hashtags: 105.7 million views of #POVHairIsEverything and 848.3 million for #cheveuxcrepus. Thomas admits: “It saved me ten years in my career. » They all follow the latest international trends and rely heavily on training. At the same time, they have become influencers in their sector, have their e-shops, form partnerships with brands (Océane is an ambassador for Ghd, a professional equipment brand, Anissa is an Olaplex ambassador, like Thomas, also a partner of L’Oréal Paris World).

Passionate about their profession, all of them are truly committed: Anissa, for example, organizes a parent-child workshop once a month to learn how to properly care for their hair, Océane offers a “consultation” package providing the right basic gestures. Glitter in the eyes but feet on the ground.


Hair Studio by Anissa
154, rue Saint-Honoré, 1st arrondissement
at @hairstudiobyan
Such. : 01 40 20 40 19.

Thomas Tuccinardi
39, rue de la République, 2nd arrondissement

Océane Avakian
32, rue Cuvier, 6th arrondissement
Such. : 04 26 18 76 16.

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