The Rise of Samir Bellahcene: A French Goalkeeper’s Remarkable Journey to Success

2024-01-30 06:30:02


PORTRAIT – A true revelation in the French team, the 28-year-old goalkeeper has taken on a new dimension six months before Paris 2024.

It’s the story of a goalkeeper who, in one year, went from a simple spectator of the French team in front of the television to a starter for the Blues and European champion. An exceptional rise for the meteor Samir Bellahcene who achieved in 11 selections what some of his prestigious comrades took ten years to achieve. “Everything has happened very quickly for me these last few months, and I hope it continues”he told us this Monday, at the Parisian headquarters of the Blues equipment manufacturer. “The Danes, a year ago, I hadn’t played any of them. And even during this Euro, I knew at least 4 or 5 players per team having met them in Germany or in the Champions League. When you’re a goalkeeper, that changes everything.” Before adding, with a slightly damp look: “Since yesterday, I haven’t had time to settle down and today, everything is coming together. My phone is just bombarding, we’re going to be received at the Élysée… It’s crazy. So yes, I realize the collective feat that we…

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