The Royal Future: Prince William’s Plan as the Next King of England

2023-11-17 00:52:50

Prince William has been preparing to become king his whole life. He has also already decided on his future royal name. Apparently the future counts for him.

Windsor – The 2013 law made the succession to the throne “equal”. Since then, younger sons can no longer overtake older daughters in the line of succession to the throne in Great Britain. However, the question does not arise at all in Great Britain, as the reality is very simple: Prince William (41) will one day succeed King Charles (74) and Prince George (10) will at some point inherit Prince William.

Prince William can choose his name as the future king as part of a tradition

However, the choice of the royal name is more difficult. Because Prince Charles did not necessarily have to become King Charles III. become. He was born Charles Philip Arthur George and took his royal name Charles III at the ceremony by the Archbishop of Canterbury. at. How Prince William decides is up to him. His current title is: HRH Prince William Arthur Philip Louis, Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall, Duke of Rothesay and Duke of Cambridge.

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He has a few first names to choose from. But Prince William has already made his decision. The reason for this is explained by Sunday Times editor and broadcaster Roya Nikkhah, who is the only journalist to have interviewed the heir to the throne since his appointment as Prince of Wales. She therefore knows why Prince William is careful to keep his name William.

Windsor Name Meanings

Queen Elizabeth: my God is abundance, my God has sworn – from the Hebrew

King Charles: free man – from English

Queen Camilla: the Honorable – from Latin

Prince William: the royal, the determined protector – from Old English

Catherine: the pure one – from ancient Greek

William’s royal name shows to some extent the focus of his reign

“He’s definitely going to be William (V.),” she tells host trio Andrea Caamano, Emmy Griffiths and Hellomagazine editor Emily Nash in a new episode in collaboration with True Royalty called “A Right Royal Podcast.” . The fact that he really wants to keep the name has to do with the fact that he founded the Earthshot Prize.

Prince William already has a royal name in mind. His predecessors also kept their prince and princess names (photomontage). © Kirsty Wigglesworth/dpa & Chris Jackson/dpa

“When he started Earthshot he was the Duke of Cambridge, but he called himself Prince William. “That’s because he desperately wants to be known as Prince William because Americans know and love him as Prince William.” Apparently William doesn’t want to jeopardize his popularity as the future King of England in the United States.

That has to do with how he wants to fulfill his role in the future. Roya explained what kind of king she thinks Charles’ eldest son will be: “He will be a very radical monarch. The monarchy will look very different pretty quickly. He’s going to change a lot.” She also suspects that the coronation will look very different to what we see for the coronation of King Charles III. have seen. Sources used:,,

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