The Saudi national team counts its injuries after leaving the World Cup..and reassures the audience

The Saudi national team announced the condition of the injured players in its ranks during the World Cup, which the national team left before reaching the 16th round.

And the green team stated, in an official statement, that it posted on Twitter: The trio, Salem Al-Dosari, Muhammad Al-Owais and Ali Al-Bulayhi, conducted medical examinations, after the three players were injured during the last match against Mexico.

The national team said that the medical examinations revealed that the player, Salem Al-Dosari, had an injury to the ligaments of the left ankle joint, that the player, Muhammad Al-Owais, was injured in the right shoulder muscle, and that the player, Ali Al-Bulayhi, was in the posterior muscle.

The team concluded its statement, noting that “the medical staff of Al-Hilal Club has been contacted and detailed medical reports have been submitted.”

And the Saudi national team had previously announced that the player, Yasser Al-Shahrani, had left the hospital, after more than one surgery he underwent after he was hit by a strong blow in the first match for his team during the World Cup in Qatar.

Al-Shahrani was severely injured during the last minutes of the Saudi Arabia match against Argentina, after he collided with his team’s goalkeeper, Muhammad Al-Owais, to leave the stadium, and Muhammad Al-Buraik participated in his place at the 98th minute of the match.

On Sunday, the player underwent the second stage of surgical intervention, by performing facial bone surgery by the medical team specialized in King Abdulaziz Medical City of the National Guard in Riyadh, with follow-up from the team’s medical team.

The official account of the green team stated at the time that “Al-Shahrani performed the first stage of surgical intervention with an operation on the pancreas,” announcing that “the surgeries for the two stages were successful.”

And the national team confirmed, in a tweet on Wednesday, that “after confirming the stability of Al-Shahrani’s condition and following up on him from the national team’s medical staff, it was decided that he would go home for daily medical follow-up.”

Saudi Sports Minister Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Faisal thanked his country’s national team for participating in the World Cup in Qatar, saying in a tweet: “Thank you to our stars for what you failed to do.”

He added, after his country’s loss in Wednesday’s match against Mexico, and the two teams’ exit from the challenge before reaching the 16th round, “Thank you to our dear fans … and the best of it is in others for everyone.”

For his part, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Football Association, Yasser Al-Mishal, said: “Praise be to God in any case. Thank you to our hawks and Moawadin Khair in our next participation.”

Al-Mishal thanked the “loyal” fans for their stand and support for their team, saying in a tweet: “They were a distinguished and distinctive sign in the 2022 Qatar World Cup matches.”

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