The SEC reveals the trading volume of “Thai crypto” in September Highest in 4 months

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) release market reportdigital assetsWorldwide (10 Oct. 2022) has a market value. is estimated at 0.95 trillion dollars. Daily trading $331 billion

The value of digital asset trading in Thailand in September 2022 was at 79 billion baht, an increase of 19% from the previous month, the highest level in four months.

including the number of active trading accounts of domestic private equity traders Throughout August 2022 There were 274,000 accounts out of a total of 2,867,231 accounts, an increase in three months.

by investors in Thailand Trading increased this month at 1.4 billion baht from the previous month at 300 billion baht, including foreign juristic traders trading decreased.

In 2022, the cumulative trading value classified by asset classes was somewhat dispersed. With the highest asset value on exchanges in Thailand, Tether has a trading value of 155.4 billion baht, Bitcoin 100.3 billion baht and Ethereum with a market value of 76.9 billion baht.

For all three of these assets, the highest value is traded on the Thai exchange, while the KUB coin is traded on the Thai exchange. It fell to 6th place at 47 billion baht and yielded a negative 89.34%.

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