The sentence of the anti-Semitic writer Hervé Ryssen lightened on appeal

He was sentenced to one year in prison at first instance, in June 2018, for posting an anti-Semitic video on the YouTube platform. The far-right activist Hervé Ryssen – Hervé Lalin of his real name – saw his sentence reduced to four months in prison, convertible into house arrest with an electronic bracelet, by the Paris Court of Appeal, Thursday, October 28 .

In this thirty-six minute video, uploaded on July 10, 2017 and titled The Jews, Incest and Hysteria, “A voice-over exposed the reasons suggesting that the Jewish people would be a people of incestuous”, according to the judgment of the court of first instance. Hervé Lalin had been found guilty of public provocation to hatred on account of the origin and of defamation. He had not appealed on this point, but only on the quantum of the sentence.

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More than 17 convictions

This former member of the National Front has already been convicted more than 15 times since 2005 for racial insults, racial defamation, incitement to hatred and negationism.

In June 2021, he was sentenced to eight months in prison under an electronic bracelet and a 10,000 euros fine for defamation and public incitement to hatred towards Jews, on repeat, for having republished on his blog on March 12, 2020. , the offending video.

The former history teacher, author of twelve books and who defines himself as “Judeologist”, had also been sentenced in May on appeal to one year of imprisonment including six months fixed, to be served at home, for contesting a crime against humanity and anti-Semitic insult in particular.

Incarcerated in September 2020 in execution of three sentences handed down between 2017 and 2020, the 54-year-old man was released in mid-April.

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