The shameful concert of Paulina Rubio: it was almost nobody

They have not been good days for the golden girl of Mexican music, and it is that the fans of Paulina Rubio played a trick on her, since a few days ago she appeared in a practically empty stadium in Costa Rica.

The event in question was the Pride Costa Rica, which was held at the National Stadium of that country. The venue, which has a capacity for 30,000 people, was able to gather approximately 500 people, despite the fact that tickets were given away to attendees during the LGBTI+ pride parade.

According to what the media says Infobae, the reasons for the absence of the public were due in part to the poor organization of the event, since supposedly the Costa Rican public had no interest in hearing Paulina Rubio sing. Another reason would be that the producer of the event would not have announced the concert in advance, so many did not know that the Mexican singer would be in the country. “I only found out beforehand because I saw people talking about it here, I never saw a single ad or publicity of any kind,” explained one user.

To this is added the fact that the singer would have appeared with more than one delay on stage, due to problems that she would have had before the presentation. Even so, despite the few people and the production problems, there are those who managed to enjoy the moment, as they commented on Twitter, “leaving the Paulina Rubio concert and I have to accept that she played it like the big ones, despite that there was only three catsshe gave everything, she sang her old songs, her new songs and everyone jumping”.

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