The signs of the apocalypse inevitably appear: a baby boy who shocks everyone and exposes his mother’s betrayal right after his birth… You won’t believe what happened.! (Very shocking details!)

A mother of four found out that her husband cheated on her with her best friend after her friend gave birth to a newborn with the same birthmark as her son.

The woman named Hailey shared her story on the social networking site Tik Tok, and said that her friend asked her to attend the birth of her baby, and she gladly accepted the invitation, according to the British Mirror newspaper.

But Hailey was shocked a few days later, when she was helping out with the baby’s nappy change, and noticed that her son also had two genetic birthmarks, which he inherited from her husband, and when she confronted her friend about it, she admitted that she had an affair with her husband.

“When she was in labour, she called me and I took her to the hospital,” Hailey said on TikTok. I was with her step by step and gave the baby her first bath, it was a beautiful experience, one I will never forget. I was happy to be a part of it.”

Hereditary trauma
“Unfortunately, three days later I saw hereditary birthmark, which I know very well because my oldest son has it,” Healy added.

Hailey said she noticed what she called “bowling bumps” on the baby’s neck while changing her diaper, and they were on several of her other babies as well, so she knew exactly the baby was from her husband at the time. Later, Hailey said that her best friend admitted to the relationship.

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