The six news you should know today, Monday May 4

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1. The second largest government supplier is linked to the “Panama papers”. Hongkong Travis Asia Limited has sold facemasks and mechanical respirators to the Government to combat Covid-19 for € 245 million. This makes it the second largest supplier to the Ministry of Health -only surpassed by the Catalan company FCS Select Products, with 263 million in awards-, despite being a company incorporated in May 2019 with HK $ 10,000 (less than 1,200 euros). ). And the extraordinary benefit obtained, since the products sold have surcharges of between 100 and 200 percent, will end up managed from Panama through an offshore company, according to the documents of the Commercial Registry of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region consulted by ABC .

2. The barons of the PP divide before the extension of the state of alarm. In the eighth week of alarm in Spain, the Popular Party is at a kind of crossroads. From now until Wednesday, you must decide whether to maintain your support for the Government and vote in favor of the fourth extension of the state of alarm, or else stand up and change your level to go into a frontal opposition against the management of Pedro Sánchez in the phase of the de-escalated. From Genoa insists that “all options are open”, but the truth is that the messages that come from the PP’s national headquarters are very critical of the performance of the Prime Minister and his plan of unconfidence for the coming weeks. The PP president has spoken with all the territorial barons and has taken good note of their opinions. He usually does it always, and then he makes the decision alone after listening to each other.

3. Asia’s “wet markets” arouse fear of another pandemic. They are called “wet markets” because of the pools of blood, guts and water that run on the floor. A panorama that is not too pleasant for the eyes, nor for the smell, but that abounds in China and the rest of Asia. Despite the modernization and urbanization brought about by their economic progress, these markets are still common in the developing world. In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, live animals such as birds and fish are sold in them because they are cheaper, natural and even appreciated by traditional medicine for its supposed healing and aphrodisiac properties. Sometimes there are even wild and even protected species, which remain crowded into tiny cages and in poor hygienic conditions where their urine and faeces are mixed.

4. Phase 0 of the de-escalation begins today. Yesterday an order was published in the BOE that opens the door for the autonomous communities to propose different territorial units to the province or island (those initially established) for the passage of phases towards the “new normality”, as the Government calls it. Today, Monday, May 4, the de-escalation phase begins, in which the use of masks is mandatory for all users of transport by bus, rail, air and sea. Also in public transport in vehicles of up to nine seats, including the driver. Transportation service workers in direct contact with the public will wear masks and use hydroalcoholic solutions. As for the shops, they can open all the establishments and commercial stores for retail and professional services activities except those with a surface area greater than 400 meters.

5. Catalonia: elections in winter and the majority of Sánchez is in danger. The Supreme Court will admit the appeal of the President of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, against the disqualification imposed by the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia. The embarrassment that his position gives him, paradoxically causes him judicial disadvantage, by depriving him of the double instance to appeal his sentence. Torra will be disabled in October and there is no consensus candidate for independence. The Supreme Court, aware of the precedents in which the European Court of Human Rights has criticized this limitation, will admit Torra’s appeal and will listen to his allegations. Such admission will take place before the summer and the date of the hearing will not go beyond the second half of September or the first week of October. The sentence, with no evidence to practice and the president himself having admitted his disobedience, will be made public in a matter of days.

6. This Monday no La Liga team will train. As of today, professional football and basketball teams in Spanish sports can train individually on their fields, but no player will go to the playing fields to exercise. Today there will be in many clubs medical checks on their professionals, weight measurements, but nobody will train. Everyone wants to pass the coronavirus test first. They have it decided and that is also what the Spanish Footballers Association advises with an insurmountable condition. The union considers that the protocol that the Higher Sports Council has sent is clearly improvable. A protocol of action that has made everyone, the League and the AFE crazy, because it talks about doing the viral checks but it does not make clear when they can be done. .


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