The skincare bible at 40 according to an expert

We spoke with Dr. Howard Murad to understand the effects of aging, the importance of hydration and exercise.

As they say, 30 are the new 20 and 40, the new 30. But what about we should worry? What are the lifestyle and skincare ‘must-haves’ we should be aiming for in our 40s?

Since always, the doctor Howard Murad has been interested in the well-being of others: “This is what got me to pharmacy school, then to medicine school, and ultimately to the world of medicine. dermatology. Once I graduated as a dermatologist I realized that I could contribute to creating solutions topics that until then were not available ”.

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Over time, the expert has innovated with high-performance technologies and formulas. And not only that: he broke barriers in the standard skin care routine by developing treatments that address specific problems, such as acne, the wrinkles and the hyperpigmentation.

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What is beauty according to Murad?

For her beauty is determined by health: “When you are beautiful it is because you are healthy. The level of wellness, if you have asleep enough, comes well and you deal with it stress properly, it is reflected in your face, in the smile and in bright eyes … Beautiful skin looks healthy, “he says in an exclusive interview.

The secret and power of secret ingredients

“At any age there is a common aging factor: As the years go by, the skin becomes more and more dry, ”says Howard Murad. Therefore, to maintain a fresh and lively dermis it is imperative to maintain high levels of hydration in our body and, of course, in our cells.

Therefore, he suggests using moisturizers and screen solar daily. In addition to doing exercise to build muscle, as it has a higher percentage of water compared to fat.

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One of the enemies of youth is stress, so indulge yourself and enjoy the calming effects of nature.

Likewise, you should “eat your water, not just drink it, that is, eat fruits Y vegetables to hydrate you from the inside out. And not least, it minimizes the stress!, well dehydrates cells ”, Explain.

Regarding the ingredients you should look for in creams day and night, the specialist recommends opting for the retinol, the hyaluronic acid and the C vitamin.

The must of a healthy skin

And what about cabin treatments, such as To be, the exfoliations or any other recommended at this age?

Before selecting one talk to your dermatologist about your needs. “It is key to address what is important to each one and their concerns, so that problems are dealt with effectively, either with a peeling, laser or a topical treatment ”.

“The damage caused by the sun even occurs when you are inside, sitting next to a window,” says the expert. “To minimize them, the skin needs antioxidants and an anti-pollution complex.”

What about nutricosmetics that promise to repair cellular mechanisms?

Son supplements quite beneficial when you turn 40, and Dr. Murad definitely recommends taking them. On the other hand, the diet, the Lifestyle and the emotional state they have a tremendous impact on health. But above all, in the state of the skin.

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So it is vital to combine topical agents and inner care of the dermis with a correct feeding and exercise regularly.

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10 foods for porcelain skin

A life without wrinkles! The ritual beauty from Dr. Murad: cleanse, hydrate and protect yourself from the sun

Murad, who has written more than a dozen books, most notably Wrinkle-Free Forever, whose pages are full of its secrets on the subject, also reveals some of its infallible tips.

– To keep expression lines at bay you must return to the concept of hydration: “Dryness causes fine lines, deeper lines, dull skin and changes in texture. If you hydrate them inside and out, you will stay young for longer ”.

– ‘Overprocessed skin’: Everyone knows what over-processed hair means, but we rarely hear this concept when it comes to the dermis. “It means exactly what you are thinking: too many products that are not suitable, are capable of causing additional damage and completely remove your skin from the desired results.”

– Beware of misconceptions about aging and what to do to delay its effects: It is essential to understand that beauty it is in the eye of the beholder, and one is this: “The more critical you are, the less happy you are. Appreciate yourself and your skin or, as I like to say: ‘Always be kind to your mind!’ ”, She concludes.

By: Alexis Mustri
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