The slaughterhouse in Böblingen has to close for the time being

NAfter suspected irregularities in a slaughterhouse in Gärtringen in the Boeblingen district (Baden-Württemberg) became known, the district office temporarily prohibited further operations. The ruling will only be revoked once the operator has presented a coherent overall concept. The district office announced that it should explain how animal protection is ensured.

The office has long been in the sights of the office: “The barrel will overflow at some point,” said District Administrator Roland Bernhard on Friday. Since 2018, the operator has been given conditions in the structural area and orders for the employees during the slaughterhouse. A large part of it was not implemented. And after the Soko Tierschutz association published film material on Monday that is supposed to prove cruelty to animals, the district office now temporarily banned further slaughter.

Slaughterhouse rejects allegations

Bernhard said that animal welfare regulations must be complied with. The temporary closure is not a snap shot. The ruling will only be revoked once the operator has presented a coherent overall concept. This should explain how animal welfare is ensured. The animal welfare association accuses the slaughterhouse of using blows, kicks and electric batons as well as unprofessional stunning. The district office announced that it would evaluate the film material if it was available to him. The public prosecutor’s office is already investigating the case.

The reproach of the district administrator against the slaughterhouse operator, however, amounts to implausibility. He didn’t keep promises. The slaughterhouse operator, on the other hand, announced that the order for the temporary closure was taking place without emergency or a current need for animal protection. Short-term measures such as training the staff, reducing the belt speed or adapting the stunning trap for pigs have already been initiated and implemented. In addition, a camera surveillance system and a new stunning system for slaughter pigs are to be installed that meet all legal requirements.

The state animal protection officer, Julia Stubenbord, welcomed the temporary closure of the slaughterhouse. Likewise, the spokesman for animal welfare policy for the SPD parliamentary group, Jonas Weber. This is the right step, but it shouldn’t have got that far in the first place. Agriculture Minister Peter Hauk (CDU) should be asked how the country’s control mechanisms could fail in such a way. “You can’t just put the case aside, it reveals weaknesses that we cannot tolerate,” said Weber.


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