The Spanish destinations recommended to visit in 2021 by the New York Times

The Camino de Santiago and Córdoba have been chosen by the readers of The New York Times newspaper among the “places to love” and visit in 2021. The American newspaper has published a list with 52 featured destinations for this year after surveying his followers about the places that have “delighted, inspired and comforted” them in the “dark” 2020.

The newspaper has selected 52 proposals among the more than 2,000 received, and one of them was sent by the writer Sam Michaux, who highlighted that the Jacobean route supposes an experience that “is more about oneself, than about looking for a selfie“.

This recognition occurs when Galicia celebrates the Xacobeo Holy Year, an event that, exceptionally, will extend to 2022, after authorization from the Vatican, due to the special circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Camino de Santiago hopes to receive thousands of pilgrims this year to participate in the Xacobeo 2021.

This reader explained that, together with his 80-year-old grandfather, he has made four routes of the Camino de Santiago and that his routes “were opportunities without distractions. “She noted that although she did not expect to enjoy it, she found herself” appreciating both the forced meditation and the fellow travelers “they met along the way.

Both made the first route in 2007, according to Michaux detailed. He has since returned several times and hopes to return with his grandfather to complete the last 100 kilometers of the French itinerary, on behalf of his recently deceased father, he added.

The caliphal city

For its part, Córdoba is on this list thanks to the proposal you sent Fernando Moreno Reyes, Marketing director born in Córdoba although living in Madrid. In his recommendation he highlighted that in the city there is a “magical coexistence” of Arab, Jewish and Christian cultures and that it has moreUnesco World Heritage Sites than any other.

It also stated that, in addition to its prominent buildings, “the narrow streets in spring smell of jasmine and orange blossoms, and once a year, city ​​residents open backyards in their homes, revealing intricate gardens and revealing the intimate part of their lives ”.

Once a year, Cordobans open their patios to the public.

In the list of the 52 selected places, The New York Times has also chosen enclaves such as the oasis of Siwa, in Egypt; Los Llanos in Colombia, he ‘golden triangle ‘of Montana, in United States; the city of Dakar, in Senegal; the Laugavegur trail in Iceland; Highlands of Scotland, Lake Michigan, Niansogoni, in Burkina Faso; Asunción, in Paraguay; Haiti, Ladakh, in India, or Table Mountain, in Cape Town in South Africa.


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