The star Mohammed Abu Trika admits frankly that this player in my opinion is the best in Egypt, even if he plays with one man.. You wouldn’t expect who he meant?! (Not Mohamed Salah)

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Al-Ahly star and former national team, Mohamed Aboutrika, revealed that Al-Ahly includes a deal and a player who is the best in Egypt, even if he plays with one man during the current season, and he is one of the most important football players currently.

He is the promised player, Ahmed Abdel Qader, who is the future of all Egyptian football, and he is a player who differs greatly with Al-Ahly this season and is considered one of the main elements in the ranks of Al-Ahly with Swaris.

Aboutrika confirmed that Ahmed Abdel Qader’s presence in Al-Ahly will not last long, as if he continues on this performance, he will receive very large professional offers, and thus benefit Al-Ahly.

Abu Trika revealed, I still can’t believe, how Ahmed Abdel Qader was sitting on the bench, a dangerous player and a scorpion who, if he had the opportunity, would sting mercilessly.

Mohamed Aboutrika stressed that it is too early to talk now about summer deals, because there are still more than three months on them

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