The State Audit Office demands a levy for building land reserves – or their reclassification

2023-05-11 09:41:00

11,243 hectares of dedicated building land lie fallow in Upper Austria. These building land reserves have been a hotly debated topic in state politics for years. The LRH is now demanding that the owners of this building land should pay a fee in the future or that the building land should even be rededicated. The LRH can also imagine a vacancy fee for unused living space in its report.

Criticism of this approach by the auditors comes promptly from the responsible state councilor Markus Achleitner (VP): “In times of inflation and rising costs, additional financial burdens should definitely be rejected.”

Achleitner does not like the idea of ​​a vacancy tax either. This falls within the jurisdiction of the federal government. But from his point of view, the following also applies here: “No additional taxes or duties.”

The Green member of parliament and mayor, on the other hand, sees his demands confirmed the community Attersee am Attersee, Rudi Hemetsberger: “It is gratifying that the Court of Auditors has attacked all hot irons on the subject of land use in its report.” When it comes to taxing or reclassifying long-term building land reserves, however, he can also find a middle ground in the form of setting a deadline for a timely present the development of the plots.


Philip Hirsch

Head of regional department

Philip Hirsch

Philip Hirsch


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