The story behind the narcoferraris that the Government of Colombia will auction

the three cars Ferrari in which the drug trafficker known as “Falcon” traveled the roads between Rionegro and Medellín, will be auctioned by the Special Assets Company (SAE).

The state entity reported this Tuesday that the sale will be made through El Martillo, the virtual auction of Banco Popular, and is scheduled for the next 24 and 25 October.

According to the SAE Twitter, the vehicles “still smell like new”: “The Ferraris of the mafia will be for social investment. The proceeds will be used for the purposes of the National Government of Gustavo Petro”.

It’s about a Ferrari Portofino blanco, 2019 model, with just 1,717 kilometers of use; a Ferrari 488 Spider gris, 2019 model and 1,703 km; and a Ferrari 812 Superfast rojo, 2020 model, with 806 km of travel.

Although the bank announced that it is an auction with hidden base priceappear on their website pre-deposit values for each car: if you want the white one, you must have at least $194,632,857; for the gray one, $206,841,954; and for red, $349,898,149.

These high-end vehicles were imported into Colombia from Italy, according to the Police, by Juan Jose Valencia Zuluaga, alias “Falcon”, “Andrea” or “Babalao”. This 40-year-old man, from Medellín, was extradited to the US on June 27, on drug trafficking charges.

The authorities of both countries point out that it is a strategic partner of the Clan del Golfo drug cartelwho apparently handled his business in the department of Bolívar and the port area of ​​Cartagena, until the moment of his capture, on May 7, 2021.

The Anti-Narcotics Directorate raided his home in the village of Llanogrande, in the Antioquia municipality of Rionegro, a lavish property of 9,000 square meters, with a sports area and swimming pools (one of them with water brought from the Dead Sea), in which it stored more than 30 vehicles.

In his garage were the three Ferraris, six custom motorcycles, eight trucks and classic collectible cars, among other beauties allegedly acquired with illegal money.

In addition to his criminal activities, Valencia had construction and real estate businesses, which gave him the facade of a prosperous businessman. This is how he made friends with several artists from the national show business, who attended parties and private concerts in his palace in Llanogrande.

Sources close to the case told EL COLOMBIANO that it was a paisa reggaetonfriend of “Falcon”, who convinced him to buy the Ferraris.

The artist, whose name the sources reserved, already had a collection of this class of vehicles, and he transmitted that taste to the drug trafficker.

The imports were made between 2019 and 2020. The most expensive was the red Ferrari 812 Superfast, capable of accelerating from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in just 2.9 seconds, and which was brought from the Italian city of Venice for a value close to $1,200 million.

He brought his wife the white Ferrari Portofino, for $950 million; and he rounded out the collection with the gray Ferrari 488 Spider, for which he paid close to $810 million.

With them he went out to roll on the roads that connect Rionegro with Envigado and Medellín, such as Las Palmas avenue, in the company of his reggaeton friendwithout suspecting that the security agencies of Colombia and the United States were following his trail.

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