The Swiss judiciary reveals the fate of Platini and Blatter today: a prison sentence on the horizon

On Friday, the Swiss judiciary will reveal the fate of the former president of the European Union for footballMichelle PlatiniAnd the former president of the International Federation of the game, Joseph Blatter, after the big case that opened years ago and led to the end of their professional and sports career at the time.

The Federal Criminal Court in the Swiss city of Bellinzuna will announce the decision in this case Friday, which could see a 5-year prison sentence, due to the fraud case against FIFA and the payment of unjustified financial compensation of about 1.8 million euros to Platini from Blatter at the time.

According to the details, Platini and Blatter signed a written agreement in August 1999, which stipulates that FIFA will pay 300,000 Swiss francs annually, and then confirm their agreement to pay 700,000 Swiss francs annually, when the FIFA budget allows.

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Last June, the Swiss public prosecutor demanded a prison sentence of one year and eight months, with a suspended sentence, but on Friday the 67-year-old Frenchman and the 86-year-old Swiss will hope to find only one way out: the innocence in a defense on the grounds of political and judicial manipulation aimed at remove them from power.

During the investigation, two weeks of hearings, the defense sought to introduce the possibility of a possible behind-the-scenes role for current FIFA President Gianni Infantino, who was Platini’s right-hand man at UEFA and was unexpectedly elected to the FIFA presidency at the beginning of 2016.

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