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The Syrian team took the initiative to become the only warm-up opponent of the national football team

News from our newspaper (Reporter Xiao Zhe) In preparation for the Qatar World Preliminary Asian Top 12 Round 3 and 4 rounds to be held in early October, the Chinese team originally planned to have at least 3 international warm-up matches in Sharjah, but Restricted by factors such as the epidemic situation and the schedule of the international match day, the Chinese team has so far only implemented an international warm-up match with the Syrian team on September 30. Although the Syrian team and the Chinese team’s next two opponents, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia, have very different technical characteristics, the Chinese team can benefit from a genuine international warm-up. Under this circumstance, the Chinese team had to test the effectiveness of the training camp through internal competitions and hone the lineup for the top 12 matches.

More than a week ago, the head coach of the Syrian team, Maherus, publicly announced that the Syrian team will play a warm-up match with the Chinese team in the UAE on September 30. In fact, the Chinese Football Association had not yet implemented a written agreement with the Syrian Football Association on this matter. If there is an accident in the process that causes the game to “smash”, it will be embarrassing for both parties.

It should be noted that the application for this warm-up match was first submitted by the Syrian Football Association. Earlier this month, when the Chinese team was preparing to play against the Japanese team in Doha, Qatar, the Chinese Football Association received a written application from the Syrian Football Association for the two teams to have a warm-up match. The reason why the Syrian team is so proactive is simple-the Syrian team will compete for the South Korean team in the third round of the top 12 on October 7. They regard the Chinese team as an “imaginary enemy”, which is more appropriate. In addition, from the perspective of epidemic prevention and travel convenience, the Syrian team also plans to arrange the new phase of preparations in the UAE, so warming up with the Chinese team preparing for the UAE will also be able to obtain many convenient conditions.

As for the Chinese Football Association’s acceptance of the Syrian Football Association’s invitation, to a large extent, it is also to cope with the national football’s further adaptation to the rhythm and intensity of the competition. As this warm-up plan was proposed by the Syrian Football Association, the game does not involve the so-called “appearance fee.” It is understood that the Chinese team originally planned to have no less than 3 international warm-up matches in Sharjah, and the first choice for warm-up opponents is the national team.

It is not only the Chinese team that is troubled by the “hard to find a warm-up”. The Oman and Vietnam teams, which are in the same group as the team, cannot actually implement the international warm-up in the near future. One important reason is that although the teams are concentrated in advance, most of the training days are Arranged outside the scope of the international competition day cycle. According to regulations, all professional clubs can completely refuse to release players to participate in their national team training and competition during the “non-international match day cycle”. In this case, the Vietnam team can only conduct internal teaching matches with their own U22 men’s football team.


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