The Talleres reserve won with a new goal from Federico Girotti

2023-06-01 02:23:02

The Talleres reserve beat Tigre 2-0 this Wednesday night at the Boutique in the Jardín neighborhood, marking their return to victory in the Projection Tournament.

Matías Gómez, 26 minutes into the first half, opened the account for the “T”, while Federico Girotti extended the local advantage to 22 of the complement.

The ex-River striker had scored in the 4-1 loss against Argentinos Juniors last date. The attacker confirms in the Reserve that he has recovered well from his injury, which increases the chances of starting to add minutes in the first team.

The photo that Federico Girotti wanted the most. That of his return to the courts after his kneecap injury, almost nine months later. It was at the beginning of May in a friendly between the remaining Talleres against Racing. (Press Workshops)

With this victory, the team that leads Walter Ribonetto It is located in the seventh position of the championship with 30 units, after adding nine wins, three draws and seven losses. Meanwhile, Tigre was sixth with the same number of points.

On the next date, they will visit Arsenal de Sarandí, who this Thursday lost 2-1 as a visitor to Boca.


Workshops: Laureano Martinez; Tomas Olmos, Matias Gomez, Tomás Kummer, Franco Saavedra; Roman Gamarra, Agustin Funes, Jeremías Gallard; Gonzalo Álvez, Federico Girotti, José Romero. Deputies: Francisco Gualtieri, Gonzalo Rodríguez, Lautaro Cañete, Brian Rojas, Gustavo Albarracín, Agustín Venezia, David Zalazar, Ignacio Pedano, Daniel Ribera, Sergio Frutos, Erick Castro, Ramiro Godoy. DT: Walter Ribonetto

Tigre: Hannibal Solari; Valentine Brown, Peter Castorani, Thomas Fernandez, Thiago Sanchez; Matthew Caceres, Augustin Baldi, Matthias Spindola, Jorge Forclaz; James Gonzalez, Camilo Viganoni. Deputies: Ezekiel Daniele, Alex Baigorria, Angelo Marchese, James Arellano, Sebastian Gallo, Lawrence Scipioni, Thiago Airala, Ignacio Rossi, Matthias Romero, Lucas Trinidad, Brian Vittadello. DT: Cristian Zermatten.

Goals: PT, 26m Matthias Gomez (Ta.). ST, 21m Federico Girotti (Ta.) and 46m Camilo Viganoni (Ti.).

Changes in Workshops: Gustavo Albarracín by Román Gamarra, David Zalazar by Jeremías Gallard, Ignacio Pedano by David Romero, Agustín Venezia by Gonzalo Álvez, Daniel Ribera by Federico Girotti.

Tiger Changes: Santiago Arellano by Matías Espindola, Sebastian Gallo by Augustin Baldi, Brian Vittadello by Jorge Forclaz, Ignacio Rossi by Valentin Moreno.

Admonished: Gamarra (Ta.) and Forclaz (Ti.).

Referee: Ignacio Cuicci.

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