The theatrical production “Primavera”, a show by Sant Martirià in Banyoles

The cast with Yanes and councilor Miquel Cuenca, in the center.
Banyoles City Council

Spring, by the playwright Xavi Morató and directed by Meritxell Yanes, will be the municipal theatrical production of the Festa Major of Sant Martirià de Banyoles. The show, which can be seen this weekend and next at the Municipal Theater, has a 100% local professional cast, with the actors Genís Casals, David Marcé, Andrea Portella, Laura Pujolàs and Tere Solà.

Produced by Punt Produccions, the play starts with Rosa’s birthday. Widowed, retired and with her children already grown and paired, Rosa takes the opportunity to tell the family what she wants to do from then on. She could sign up for college or a painting course like her friends do, but she has very different intentions. And it is that Rosa, well into her old age, has decided to have a child.

«The text of Spring starts from a specific order: a major party comedy, highlights its director Meritxell Yanes, who adds that it is “a light comedy, where the performers carry all the strength necessary to withstand a story full of script twists and unexpected surprises.”

Meritxell Yanes says that “we wanted to make a comedy, but with a background message, even with a bitter point, and explain how Rosa’s character faces the loneliness that older people experience.”

Tickets are already on sale.


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