The Top 5 winning drivers of the Critérium de Vitesse de la Côte d’Azur

1 / The Gougeons brothers, 15 victories between them!

This is the best record of this race. These two peloton champions have won the most victories in this event. Jean-René Gougeon, known as the Pope of Vincennes, managed to sing mass in the south of France with 11 victories, including 5 with Une de Mai and 3 with the champion Ourasi, four-time winner of the Prix d’Amérique! For his part, his brother Kitty Gougeon won 4, including one with Ourasi. Simply exceptional!

2 / JMB, the Super 4

Devil to Vincennes, Jean-Michel Bazire is just as much Cagnes when he makes the move. He offers himself his first Speed ​​Criterium with Swedish Giant Neo in 2003 after his third place in the price of america a few months earlier. The year after, it’s with his champion Kesaco Phédo who wins, and this time he also takes on the coaching hat. Moreover, he manages to drop below the 1’10 mark. Two years later, he won with Kazire of Guez. Finally, in 2007, the most beautiful of the 4. With its number 8, Késaco Phédo no makes short work of his rivals after starting strong to erase that trick number. A great drive to the Jean-Michel Bazire…

3 / Björn Goop, the specialist on the mile

The most French driver of the Swedes manages to imitate the big names present in the winners of this speed test, in particular Jean-Rene Gougeon. Indeed, he managed the feat of winning this event at least three times, with the same horse (One of May and Ourasi). Björn Goop wins on his side with Timoko three times (2015, 2016 and 2017). But it is with Readly Express, in 2019, that his victory is the most beautiful. We remember the words of the Swedish driver: “ Timoko is still Timoko, but this one has a huge heart. “In the home straight, Readly Express had three lengths to redo on Dijon. Björn Goop knew how to perfectly manage his horse by keeping a pear for the thirst. By the way, he equals the record of Bold Eagle in 1’08”9!

4 / Pierre Levesque imitates his father Henri

The Levesque are not just an institution. Henry Levesque, the father, is probably one of the best professionals of his time (the 60s). As a driver, he won the Critérium de Vitesse twice with the champion Rockpine (1967, 1968). Almost 50 years later, his son Pierre Levesque manages to imitate his father by also winning twice. He scores a double with Meaulnes du Corta (2009, 2010), which won the price of america with Frank Nivard in 2009. The father and the son therefore hold two doubles each!

5 / Jean-Pierre Dubois, a piece of history

A renowned breeder can also be an exceptional pilot. Proof, Jean Pierre Dubois deserves its place in this top 5. Certainly the largest French breeder, it has two successes in the Speed ​​Criterium with High Echelon (1979) and Humor (1982). His prodigal son Jean Etienneis also offered this flagship race twice with Echo in 1998. He then broke the event record in 1’11’1. He won 13 years later the Criterium with the speed specialist Quaker Jet, at the end of a superb straight line. We had to count on the patience of Jean Etienne Dubois to allow Quaker Jet to give its full potential! Waiting as long as possible: such was the infallible tactic for the son of Love You.

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