The total closure of borders in Colombia is renewed due to the second peak of covid-19

Venezuelan migrants walk to the border with Colombia, amid the coronavirus outbreak, in San Cristóbal, Venezuela, October 12, 2020. REUTERS / Carlos Eduardo Ramirez

Again the Presidency of the Republic ordered the total closure of borders through Decree 039 of 2021, which will be in effect until 00:00 hours on March 1, 2021.

This date also covers the extension of the health emergency in the country, in order to address the so-called “second wave” of the pandemic generated by covid-19.

In accordance with the Presidential Decree, in the Selective Isolation and Responsible Individual Distancing phase I know reiterates the mandatory nature of the biosafety protocols issued by the health authorities to mitigate the speed of contagion of the coronavirus.

With regard to borders, this orders the decree: “Close the land and fluvial border crossings with the Republic of Panama, Republic of Ecuador, Republic of Peru, Federative Republic of Brazil and Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, from zero hours (00:00 am) on January 16, 2021, until zero hours (00:00 am) on March 1, 2021 ″.

The decree is strict in stating that the closure of land and river crossings on the borders with the Republic of Panama, the Republic of Ecuador, the Republic of Peru, the Federative Republic of Brazil and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela are necessary to counteract the biosanitary emergency.

In the event that exceptions arise, they must comply with the biosafety protocols established by the Government.

The foregoing is an extension of Decree 1550 of 2020 that stipulated the duration of the closure from the month of November 2020, and which would conclude on January 16.

According to Migration Colombia, exceptions are detailed for the following activities:

1. Humanitarian emergency.

2. Transportation of cargo and merchandise.

3. Act of God or force majeure.

4. The departure from the national territory of foreign citizens in a coordinated manner by the Special Administrative Unit Migration Colombia, with the competent district and municipal authorities.

However, the regulations establish that the measures will be lifted at any time with prior authorization from the Ministries of Health and the Interior. From January 16, 2021 until March 1, the resolution will be effective, which will exempt humanitarian emergency activities, as long as there is the coordination of the district and municipal authorities with the support of the Special Administrative Unit for Migration Colombia.

“All the people who remain in the national territory must comply with the biosecurity protocols for citizen behavior in public space to reduce the spread of the pandemic and the reduction of contagion in daily activities issued by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection ”, explains the document.

The previous Decree 1550 modified articles 5 and 9 of opinion 1168 of August 25, 2020, which issued instructions to mitigate the pandemic and ordered selective isolation with responsible individual distancing.

In this way, the Ministry of the Interior affirmed that, by virtue of the health emergency generated by covid-19 and in favor of maintaining public order, In any municipality of the national territory, events of a public or private nature that involve an agglomeration of people may be held in accordance with the provisions and protocols issued by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection. Neither will discotheques or dance venues be enabled and the prohibition of the consumption of intoxicating drinks in public spaces and commercial establishments continues.

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