The turnover is less than 8,000 yuan… The supermarket owner blew the alarm in the corner and found the stolen money. The suspect is actually “It” | International | CTWANT

In addition to the risk of spreading germs, food may also be stolen when a mouse appears in the home. However, the mouse is fast and flexible, and it is quite difficult to catch, which is very nerve-racking. Another matter. The owner of a supermarket in Baoshan District, Shanghai, China reported to the police on the 16th that the turnover in the store had been stolen by 2,000 yuan (about NT$8,800). At first glance, I found a lot of cash hidden in it, which made everyone present look stupid.

According to a report from Kanan News, a supermarket owner reported to the police a few days ago that his turnover on the day was inexplicably short of 2,000 yuan, and he hoped the police could help find the murderer and recover the cash. After the police arrived at the scene, they investigated around the store, but they never found any clues to theft, but found traces of rat activity at the scene.

The contractor police followed the line and found a dark corner of the supermarket. They found a mouse nest behind the wall. Suddenly, they started to dismantle the dilapidated wall. Bu, “The smell should be the smell of mice.” The police then found a large amount of cash in the wall, which made everyone at the scene burst into laughter, “The case is solved, the case is solved.” The supermarket owner saw this and even more Can’t laugh or cry.

The boss found that the turnover of 2,000 yuan was bitten back into the hole by mice and hid. (Picture / Retrieved from Weibo)

After the news was exposed, many netizens also commented hilariously, “Rats in the new era only steal money”, “Rats: Rats, I like money the most”, “Rats in the supermarket already know that money can be exchanged for more food” , “Train it to try it at the next house”, “Rats know the truth that money can make people grind a mill”, “Rats are saving money now”, “Five rats’ luck for wealth is actually true.”

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