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A jade bracelet, the change between true and false caused great waves. Tests of trust between husband and wife, conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, proportions between parent and child, jealousy between girlfriends… Directed by Li Ang, written by Chu Min, Xu Luyan, and Zhu Ziwei, starring Lan Yingying, Niu Junfeng, Wu Junmei, Wang Herun, Chen Miqi The immersive new era family relationship drama “Mother-in-law’s Bracelet” will officially land on Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV at 22:00 tonight. Everyone in the play wanders between love and being loved, trying to find the balance but repeatedly hitting a wall. Give up or persist? How will they choose? Can you learn to reconcile with yourself between life training and deciphering?

The prospective mother-in-law will find it difficult to deal with the “pleasant” daughter-in-law Liu Yin’s marriage to the end

“Mother-in-law’s Bracelet” is a realistic drama series dedicated to immersively presenting family relationships in the new era. It focuses on ordinary quasi-married people, starting from “little people”, depicting all kinds of family life, and spying on interpersonal communication. the truth. Compared with previous family dramas, “Mother-in-law’s Bracelet” has no sense of suspension from the setting, character setting to the storyline, and every detail presents a “down-to-earth” life atmosphere to the greatest extent, and the screen is presented It also has a strong movie texture, and it also brings a unique somatosensory experience to the audience.

In family relations, we are all novices; in social relations, we are also novices. From the official trailer, you can see that “Hu Piao’s daughter-in-law” Liu Yin (played by Lan Yingying) does not have a gorgeous background halo. She is just a girl from a small city with a brother and a family from another country, eager to be in Shanghai. Have a safe “home”. The opening sentence “Are we really family?” The family relationships, marriage relationships, and girlfriend relationships that Liu Yin is in are all facing crises brought about by trust. In the face of these tests, how Liu Yin will succeed in breaking through the barriers is very curious.

The diversified relationship in the life of the five flavors interprets emotional fetters from a female perspective

“Don’t overestimate a relationship, and don’t underestimate it.” Regarding the relationship between Liu Yin and Shi Lei (Niu Junfeng) is still maintaining stability, even if the relationship between the two is always alive, there will be quarrels due to some practical problems. ; And the relationship between her and Li Shuangqing (Wu Junmei), a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law that was originally in its infancy, was also at stake because of the heirloom’s change from fake to real, and sincere in exchange for deception. In addition, “Mother-in-law’s Bracelet” also focuses on boundary issues in intimate relationships. For example: Li Shuangqing’s lack of a sense of distance with Shi Zhouxin (Chen Miqi) makes the atypical mother-daughter relationship of “you go one step further, I take two steps back” between the two continue to face an imbalance; He Run) The interference in life that overwhelms the relationship between girlfriends is also eroding the friendship that the two have accumulated for many years.

“Mother-in-law’s Bracelet” not only tells the hostess’s family growth process, but also describes the real problems of husband and wife, mother-in-law, and family that will be involved in the new era of marriage. At the same time, the traditional Chinese mother-in-law represented by Li Shuangqing’s struggles and efforts in the reconstruction of the new family relationship, and the difficulties of the young women in Shanghai drifting in the face of emotional and material desire conflicts, characters and topics represented by Zha Xiaomeng Real and sharp, while using humor as a relief, heals the hearts of the people, but also brings more thinking and resonance to the audience.

After three years of love, Liu Yin, who finally had the opportunity to meet her future mother-in-law, how will she prepare for this trip? What kind of turmoil will Liu Yin and Shi Lei cause when their parents meet? Will the family status quo of “Foster the Demon” drag down Liu Yin? The Mango Monsoon Theater “Mother-in-law’s Bracelet” will be broadcast simultaneously on Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV at 22:00 every Monday and Tuesday from August 30. Members will watch it for a week. See you or leave tonight.

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