The U15 International Football League will start next April 20 in Agadir

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As part of its preparations for organizing the fourth edition of the Agadir U15 International League on April 20 and 21, an introductory press conference was held yesterday evening, Wednesday, April 17, 2024, in one of the city’s classified hotels by the Ben Chtoui Association for Sports Activities and Development, which is the organizing body for this football sporting event for the younger groups, which Year after year, it has become an annual tradition that furnishes the local sports space with the participation of local, national and foreign teams.

Six teams are participating in this year’s edition, the event of which will be hosted by the main annex of the Adrar Stadium in Agadir, namely the Souss-Massa League team, which consists of players representing six regions of the region, Hassania Agadir, FUS Rabat, champions of the previous edition, Mohammed VI Academy, Ajax Amsterdam of the Netherlands, and Le Havre of France.

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The six teams were divided into two groups, the first of which includes Ajax, Al-Fateh and Hassania teams, while the teams of Le Havre, Mohammed VI Academy and League of Souss constitute the components of the second group.

Throughout the first day (April 20), the teams from each group will play two matches, and in light of the recorded results, on the closing day (April 21), the two teams occupying the last row of each group will face off to compete for places 5 and 6, and the two ranked in the second row will compete for places 3 and 4. The first from each group to determine the league champion and runner-up.

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The organizing body allocated prizes for the champion team, runner-up, fair play, best player, best goalkeeper and best scorer.
Returning to the press conference, and through a statement by the association’s president, Radwan Bin Shatwi, and the course director, Mr. Mustafa Yakhlef, it is clear that this fourth session is exceptional and was programmed outside of its annual date (April instead of February) for climatic reasons, and with the participation of only six teams, which are the teams that agreed to the conditions of participation. In particular, the approval of the match-playing system, which is largely governed by the availability of a single stadium for matches, due to the start of work on the Adrar complex.

The organizers stressed that the participating teams are the best currently on the national scene (Fath Rabat and Mohammed VI Academy), and emphasis was also placed on the importance of the participation of the Ajax Amsterdam team, and that attracting a team of this size, known for its training school, is not an easy matter, and that marathon negotiations with… His officials concluded to announce his agreement and come to Resurrection City.

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The idea of ​​the participation of a team representing all the teams belonging to the Souss-Massa League and from the six regions of the region was also noted, and that this participation would benefit local players from more contact with players from national and international schools.

Ben Shettoui removed the ambiguity about the relationship between the academy that bears his name and the association organizing the league by confirming that the academy has nothing to do with this activity and that there is an agreement with the Agadir group regarding supporting the league’s activities and about the end of the agreement under which his association was activating the Al-Qarb stadium in Ibn Zaydoun Park.

For his part, it was not too late. It is confirmed that this edition will be a rehearsal for the fifth edition, which will bring beautiful surprises in terms of organization, supporters, and participating teams, especially from outside Morocco.

The following is a video of the press conference of the Ben Shtoui Association, which highlighted the activities of the fourth session of the Agadir International Under-15 Football League:

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