The UC takes a step to the three-time championship with nine in Santa Laura

Catholic University He prevailed in the face of adversity and, with nine players, took a step to third championship after matching 1-1 before Spanish Union at the Santa Laura Stadium, for the 30th date of the National Championship.

The first part was hard. Both teams were annulled in three quarters of the court, preventing the generation of clear chances of danger in the compound of the commune of Independencia. The clearest? Carlos Palacios received a center back and tried to put the ball low, but it passed very close to the second post of Matías Dituro.

Among the most important of the first fraction is the expulsion, directly, of Diego Buonanotte. The shuttlecock went high up with his leg on a split ball with José Leguizamón and hit him in the thigh. Judge José Cabero gave him a direct red.

The second fraction began with controversy. Palacios entered Ignacio Saavedra very hard, but the judge let him continue and then a hand from Carlos Salomón arrived that the referee reviewed in the VAR and awarded a penalty for the Hispanics, which the Reds ‘own youth squad (54’) transformed into a goal.

After cardboard, Salomón, who saw the yellow for the launch from 12 steps, kicked Daniel Castro and saw the second warning, leaving the Crusaders with nine.

After being left with nine, Ariel Holan’s team tried to do what they could against a Hispanic team that was wasting their numerical advantage on the court, facing the possibility of taking more advantage on the scoreboard.

In the closing stages, a free kick came from the left that found the head of Fernando Zampedri (90 ‘+ 2’), who connected in a perfect way to beat Álvaro Salazar and unleash the pre-Andean hubbub.

Final whistle and UC reached 57 points in the lead, taking nine units ahead of its closest pursuers. Meanwhile, Unión was third with 48, in the same vein as Unión La Calera.


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