The Ultimate Guide to Making Mouthwatering Homemade Hamburgers

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  • Before the day of the event “The Story of King Rama IX Nomklao Phakdee” on the afternoon of December 16, M.L. Phumjai Chumphon, president of the Bhumi Phalang Phaendin Club of Chulalongkorn. There’s something happy every day. Because people who couldn’t buy afternoon tea tickets in time but still wanted to attend the event Especially the people of Bhumi Phalang Phaendin, generations 1-5, asked every day, so the club arranged chairs to welcome them and provide drinks. Or go shopping at Phufa Riverbook, the prototype kitchen of Doi Kham Phattharaphat Chaipattana and take pictures with famous photographers. Arm – Chakkawin Phusawat
  • Guests who went to the royal wedding ceremony of Prapaiphan Phosaburanin and good-natured soldier Col. Suthat Yutthaphiemphon at the Royal Thai Army Club. Smiling at the cute picture of the bride’s 2 teenage daughters Help hold the hem of the long skirt for mother as she walks up to the stage with the head of the family. which the children call with full confidence “Papa”
  • Collect works of art in order to bring pictures into columns in From Anurak magazine, it appears that Santi Arunsiri, or as his friends nicknamed him Phet Rian, has a lot of art that is at the level of a small museum. Therefore, it is open for viewing on YouTube TikTok or Facebook Conservation Magazine.
  • Met girls from WBS1 at a party. Wareerat Tangthanakul was mobbed and asked to go get a bouncy face shape. Until becoming much more beautiful with which doctor did you come from? And what kind of machine was used? But Mr. Ree, who didn’t know which laser he was working with, So I called the clinic and talked to each other.
  • Another person with a very smooth face is Khunying Sudarat Keyuraphan, who says she uses an ancient formula cream. I’ve seen my mother use it since I was a young girl. which must be ordered from America–but when applying, be careful. Because your face will be very oily. Until the husband took the opportunity not to kiss Goodnight.
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