The UN accuses the Venezuelan government of crimes against humanity

According to a report published this Wednesday, September 16 by the United Nations, systematic violations of human rights have been perpetrated in the country, including murder and torture. President Nicolás Maduro could be involved as a sponsor.

It is a document that was written by an investigative team that did a titanic job, teaches us the Spanish daily The country. “More than 270 interviews with victims, witnesses, former officials and lawyers have been carried out and confidential documents have been consulted”. The result of this United Nations investigation into the violence perpetrated by the government in Caracas is very clear:

Venezuelan security forces have committed ‘systematic human rights violations, including killings and torture, constituting crimes against humanity.’ ”

Beyond the responsibilities of the security forces, the report, according to The country, very clearly calls into question the responsibilities of several senior Venezuelan leaders, including the president himself. “The suspicions that Nicolás Maduro and his interior and defense ministers ordered or contributed to serious crimes to silence the opposition have been confirmed by this report”, says the Madrid newspaper.

According to the United Nations report, since 2014, the use of torture has been systematic in the country, and these human rights violations are said to be the result of “planning” on the part of Maduro’s government, which has been in power since 2013.

The president of Venezuela has not yet reacted to the publication of this report, but for his part, Juan Guaidó (opponent to Maduro, recognized as interim president by a large part of the international community), has already spoken on the ‘investigation of theHIM-HER-IT. “We faced a regime of criminals, did he declare by answering the questions of the Colombian daily Time. This report is a unique document. He tells about the tragedy that Venezuelans have lived through and comes to ‘validate’ the complaints that we have made to the International Criminal Court. ”


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