The UN in “shock” after the broadcast of a video of one of its representatives in an “explicit” position in an official car

It is the shock, within the United Nations (UN) after the diffusion on the canvas of a video on which one of the representatives is filmed in full act which one could qualify as “sexual” in a official vehicle of the organization.

If it is complicated to know if the two individuals really have sex on the short video published on Twitter, it is clear that the representative did not seem to be 100% focused on the peace mission on which she had been sent. And if nothing prevents him from having fun from time to time, the fact that it is done in an official car is problematic.

The UN has in any case confirmed that it was indeed a correspondent who officiated in Tel Aviv and that an investigation into it had been opened: “We are shocked,” confirmed a spokesperson. from the UN to the DailyMail. “This behavior is against all UN guidelines.”


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