The unholy relationship between Dileep and the ruling alliance, there is no other way; Actress in High Court

Kochi: A petition has been filed in the high court against the government in the ongoing probe into the attack on the actress. The victim has approached the High Court against the government and the trial court judge. The petition alleges high-level intervention to sabotage the case. The petition alleges that there is an nexus between the ruling party and Dileep and that the intervention of the trial court judge is questionable. The actress has demanded that the investigation report should not be submitted too soon and that the report should be submitted only after proper investigation.

There was a fair investigation at the beginning of the case. But when it came to questioning Dileep’s lawyers, there was a high level intervention. Permission to question the lawyers has not yet been obtained from the Crime Branch headquarters. The probe has been put on hold following the resignation of the crime branch chief.

There was high-level political interference in the case. There is an unholy relationship between the ruling party and Dileep. The Crime Branch is under pressure to file a chargesheet without investigating the full evidence. The lawyers of the accused Dileep have close ties with the government. There should be immediate court intervention against the filing of a half-hearted indictment. The court is approached because there is no other way. The petition also says that it is painful that the government has backtracked from an honest inquiry.

The trial court judge is trying to help the defendants by obstructing the investigation. The hash value of the memory card has changed but it is hidden. The actress alleges that the judge did not take any action despite the inquiry team asking her to send the memory card for re-examination. So do not submit follow-up report too soon. There is still much evidence to examine. All of that needs to be completed and thoroughly investigated. The petition also seeks an order directing that a follow-up report be submitted only after that.

The court has directed that the investigation into the case be completed by May 31 and a report be submitted. Meanwhile, the actress has approached the high court alleging that there was a move to sabotage the case.

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